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Part 49: Caveman - Update # 6 - 819

Update #6- 819

So when you get tired of fighting you go to the top of the plains and there's a cave. You inspect the fire.

So, uh, somebody farted.

Stupid ape.

And then the gas hits the fire and explodes. Wonderful!

nice job there Gori

And then BamBam pounds Gori a bunch for being a stupid. That is what is happening in this shot.

come on guys is this really necessary, shaking is hard to convey through screenshots

And then everybody laughs. The end.

pff, not even in your dreams, kid

This is the correct response.


that hair flip, that hair flip

i hate it so much

ripoff artist

so now you fight Zaki again I guess but you know what? dodegesden

flawless victory


next report- i don't like moles