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Part 52: Caveman - Update # 9 - Dirge of a Golden God

Report #9- Dirge of a Golden God

On your way back to the big plains for bonus content, something happens.

He is literally one room away, you idiot.

Anyway! Once you reach the ULTIMATE KU TRIBE ONSLAUGHT, a few things open up back here. First was today's Watanabe joke.

For those of you that don't remember, the Watanabe joke is a running gag in Live-A-Live involving a son and a dead father.

Caveman: You just saw it.
Kung Fu: The son on the Sammo path with the crappy special move.
Ninja: Those thieves in the attic, the dad got speared from below.
Western: The father and son ride into Success Town. Dad gets shot.
Present: May as well not exist because the requirements for observing it are obtuse bullcrap that no player would figure out on their own, let alone actually be able to make happen.
Mecha: There is an orphan named Watanabe. We haven't gotten that far in that chapter because of Bellmaker's crippling lazinesspersonal issues, but because of this gag I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that his dad's dead.
Sci-Fi: Kato's call signal thingy is Watanabe. It may also be his last name. It's subverted, obviously.

Wasn't that interesting? So anyway!

So see that face rock down there? I mentioned it before. It's tied into that first secret I mentioned before.

In order to get access to it, you need to push the A Button exactly 100 times. That's right- exactly 100. Not 99. Not 101. 100. Push it any other amount of times and you have to start all over. You'll hear a click noise when you hear 100, though. That helps.

Oh yeah there's also no indication of this.

So here's the door that opens up.

Native Life, the chapter theme song, plays here. How nice. Going up to that... slate and examining it prompts you to use an item. Give a Bone. If you do not give a Bone you cannot get this item! Don't give it anything else, just a basic Bone! If you do not do this you are stupid!

See that rock there? That's the Basic Rock. The Basic Rock is awesome.

The Basic Rock is an accessory. It gives +50 IQ. Yeah, +50. No downsides! It's awesome!

But wait! There's more! Remember good old Sphere? He had a move called Info Research. It dealt minor damage and told you how much HP the enemy had, then debuffed their level. The Basic Rock is also an attack item for Angel Research, which is the same move. It can be used infinitely. The Basic Rock is awesome.

Onto our third and final secret. Remember the Ninja chapter? Remember how it had Ryunosuke and Lord Iwama? You know, secret optional bosses? Yeah, this chapter has one too! Wow! Amazing! Here's how it works.

Basically, once you come back you can find the scent cloud of this running mammoth here. That's our quarry, the King Mammoth. The King Mammoth runs around at lightning speed around the plains. In order to fight him, you need to press A to interact with him, unlike all the other fights which fight you by running into you. It's a long obnoxious process that's lame and let's just fight him already


So, The King Mammoth. King Mammoth really, really sucks. He's got a whopping 992 HP- tied for second-highest in this chapter with the chapter boss, and one of the highest in the whole game. Like, fifth or sixth or something like that. He's pretty high up there.

Ryunosuke had like 1400, and Iwama had a huge 2032, by the way.

Anyway! King Mammoth has... some moves, alright.

First, he has Flamethrower- a diagonal attack with a 3X3 range. It featured in the Ninja chapter, as one of the moves O-Robo could learn.

Second, he has Trunk Whip, all these enemies have them. Moving on.

Third is his signature move, Great Eruption. It, well...

A bit under 200 damage to BamBam. Every square on the map. He heals for 24 HP each time Lava Field comes into effect. Great Eruption hyper-de-duper sucks.

Fourth is Huge Explosion. It's like Great Eruption, except it does more damage and only hits the spaces directly around him. Still sucks though.

Now, you may be asking, "How do I deal with this?" I mean sure, it may seem daunting. But there is a very easy strategy to deal with him! Remember way back, when I told you to remember a few moves?

Yeah, PushPush doesn't matter in this battle at all, I lied. The real star here is Zzz Zzz. See, Sleep in Live-A-Live has a special property- you can't dodge any attacks. At all. Your evasion is 0. King Mammoth normally has quite high evasion. This is very important.

[eng101] The strategy to fighting King Mammoth:

Step 1: Use Zzz Zzz on him a lot until it hits. If he uses Huge Explosion or Great Eruption, use Eeeh! with Gori on the center panel he occupies to replace the lava panels he's on with damaging poison panels. Not if he's asleep, though. That'll wake him up.

Step 2: Position BamBam right next to him on his third row. Position Gori two spaces away from him on the bottom-left diagonal to draw attacks.

Step 3: Use a ton of Meaty Bones to buff BamBam. Each three Meaty Bones, reapply Zzz Zzz.

Step 4: After about 10 buffs, use Dodegesden for SUPER DAMAGE. The stat loss from using it won't matter because you are super-buffed.

Step 5: Repeat 1, 3, and 4 until defeat. Use only about 2 or 3 Meaty Bones each time, though. Heal with Gori using Giant Meaty Bones if necessary.

Step 6: Win.

For beating King Mammoth, there are a few rewards. First is the satisfaction at punking one of, if not the hardest enemy in the game. Second is 18 EXP, the highest EXP payout in the chapter- though if you need it by now, that's kinda weird of you.

Third is the King's Fang, a HYPER DE DUPER awesome accessory for BamBam. It boosts Power by 20 and makes BamBam immune to Poison, Paralysis, Petrification, Drunkenness, and Sleep. It's awesome. It's also a 100% drop.

BUT! There is a super-secret FOURTH REWARD. You see, the King Mammoth has a random drop as well!

Ladies and gentlemen, the game is over. Behold: The Cola Bottle. The Cola Bottle is a very special item. It, like the Basic Rock, is an accessory/infinite-use attack item. As an accessory? +30 Speed. Nothing special. As an attack item?

Live-A-Live, ladies and gents. Don't hit the door on your way out.

Next Report- Something Pretty Cool, Actually

Bonus: Here, have final stat pictures of our illustrious heroes.