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Part 53: Caveman - Update # 10 - Okay, Yeah, I'll Admit; That Was Cool Of You

Final Report- Okay, Yeah, I'll Admit; That Was Cool Of You

Can we just get this over with, guys? I have somewhere to be. ...Well, no, I don't, but I can dream. Maybe eventually I'll get Resident Evil 5 and freeload off of my sister's 360 so we can play it together. Yeah... that'd be nice.

Ah, good, just the man I wanted to see.

BamBam is now 18 levels higher than the EXP you schmucks give. (He leveled up to 19 between the last update and this one. He has 885 HP now. Lotsa HP.)

No time.

I think that's the last one. Maybe the second-to-last. Either way like normal he's just a


You see, in Round 3, Zaki is the highest HP amount in the entire game! Infinite HP! Whoa! Just hit him four times and ignore his annoying, gnat-esque attacks.

what's up, shaking effect

how you doing

wife and kids good? coo'

hm, that might be bad

fall like a good gori, gori

good man.

So hey. Remember how the Ku Tribe was sacrificing Bel as a tribute to their god?

Yeah, about that?

He's pretty hungry.

And then like a bonehead I missed a shot of this, but that headress? Gori throws it at him. Nice job.

Meet O-D-O: The Last T-Rex On Earth! I'm sure that if this were a Disney film it would be about him and he'd be adorable and also it would be sad because his mother would die. Basically it would be Bambi, except with a T-Rex.

Since this is Live-A-Live, we're going to drive him into extinction.

O-D-O has 992 HP. He's got a total of four moves- Bite, a typical melee move, Rend, another melee move, Throw Down, which only occurs if you're on the three sides that aren't in front of him- like, here, it would be all sides but to the right of him. It's decently powerful.

There's also his signature move, Crushing Bite. It's a rather powerful melee attack that only hits one panel to his diagonals. Basically he isn't all that remarkable. I mean, I guess he could like one-shot Bel or something. But honestly? If you've beaten King Mammoth, there's nothing to worry about.

...Wait, that's right!



Here's his moves-

Gagango! and Gogonga!- Typical melee moves. They suck.

Baribruuun!- The lizard spits a gallstone at O-D-O with a targeting reticule and everything. It sucks and does like 14 damage.

Baridreeen!- The lizard attack. Sucks. Has a 3-panel range in each of the 8 directions.

Barikkkyooon!- Is like Matsu's Pissed Fist in the Mecha chapter- a melee attack with a 3X3 range. Except it sucks.

Baritank!- A flying buttram. Hits the third panel away on all 8 directions. Is mediocre, thus being King Crap of Zaki Moves Mountain. And by that I mean it does like 50 damage a hit.

Zaki sucks. I of course fought the boss attacking with nobody but him.

Which mostly consisted of him using Baritank! a lot while Gori and BamBam took hits. Gori died by the end and BamBam took over 350 damage.

25-50 damage at a time, in BamBam's case.

Zaki sucks.

And then the boss just fell over, dead. Real classy exit.

Oh. Neat. Greenery. Wonderful.

Oh, this is the ending by the way. If the credits didn't tip you off.

...How'd they get there?

Right, um...

...and that's how...

...and then the...

...And then everyone hopped around a log a bunch! Yeah! That works. The end.


Did you have to bring them?

And that's how language was invented, kids- good ol' fashioned lovemaking.

Never change, Gori. Never change.

Well, that's it, everyone! Caveman! Ooh ooh aah aah! Well, hopefully that gave Bellmaker enough time to deal with his "personal" "issues." (I saw that Breath of Fire update you just made young man.)

Ah, what the hey. Might as well give him one more update of time.

This fine man is Masaru! But you don't want that! Name Mr. Takahara something! Preferably something that fits decently with the last name Takahara! So probably don't name him Helga or something!