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Part 60: Mecha - Update # 6

"Toei: What? But last time..."
"Matsu: S'alright, I'm good. It'll work this time! Let's go!"

"of the ancients!"

I dunno, Mantango turns you into a gorilla I guess?

"Woman: I-I'm sorry. I've been perfectly horrible to you..."
"Man: Then... then you'll!"

oh you blew it buddy

"Look I know I've been in the middle of a horrible situation involving fire before, but honestly I doubt Humongously Hotshot the Hero is gonna save us this time"

"... Holy shit, that's Humongous all right! I'd recognize that tone-deaf battlecry anywhere."

oh it's matsu never mind, oh well


"He binged on Mantango to heighten his senses and spirit..."

"So l'ng as'v got... B'riki D'ioh..."

Well, looks like that's it for Matsu.

For all the times he ditched us and mouthed off, I can't help but to feel sad

"We were enemies..."

Well, we read the top secret files so this is old news for us, but still.

The "put people in a blender and feed them to Satan" technology, I presume?

"We both had our hands full with keeping our subordinates from taking to their heels..."

"Grow up, Matsu!"

"... Sorry, but you have to die!"

"Just an instant before him..."

Nah, Matsu, you were a good guy.

Let's go... to the temple...
Let's bust 'em up!

"Matsu: Quit buggin' me...
Women always get in the way...

"i hear ya' matsu"

"all i see in here is womenfolk"


"You're moving it!?"

"To the Odeo Temple!"

Oh, great, so that weird-colored water isn't actually water at all!

what the fuck does "by the graces of the army" even mean

So while you're walking to the temple, you get into a bunch of scripted encounters. I don't think you actually get EXP from them.

Yeah, we just jumped on a fuckin' jet fighter.

Halogen Laser has a great range, but for all its flashiness, it's just not very powerful. Good enough for tanks, though.

Donryu is our last obstacle on the way to the temple.

Obviously the solution is to punch the shit out of it.

Donryu does hit kinda hard, so you ought to be careful, at least. As you can see, we have ??? HP--over 999--but he reduced us all the way to visible digits.