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Part 61: Mecha - Update # 7

And here we are.

"'Tis brilliance! Humans melted together with other humans into one being, sharing both mind and body!
And hatred...
A superb world without fighting...

"Ah well..."

It's as if Cindelman realizes that he's just told a really, really shitty joke and he needs to backpedal.

Well ain't that just finger-lickin' good.

The Great Inko Buddha statue shall bring us unto salvation!

At this point, the statue starts eating all the birds in the courtyard.

On a more technical note, both the Inko Buddha statue and Buriki Daioh are applied as just background texture elements.

"We can do this..."

We're fighting in the lake of liquefied humans. Ah.

Babylon Kick is, of course, your best option in this fight. You can basically cheese it simply with straight DPT. But what if you use your other abilities?

Babylon Punch sucks. Jomjom Bullet, which does have a chance of inflicting Level Down, is a lot like one of Sunset's attacks in that it "hits" (think the hit multiplier in the NES FF games) a random number of times and therefore its damage is too inconsistent, even if it can potentially do 999 with enough hits. Considering its charge-up, it's barely worth it. Halogen Laser, well, it's cool, but kinda... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

None of the Inko Buddha's attacks are very powerful, but the problem is that this one in particular lowers your parameters, making this battle drag out longer and forcing you to take that much more damage.

Oh no, I can see my HP, this is a real emergency.

But not so urgent that I can't finish in style

Oh, interesting to note: I always thought that the menu background image for Hiccup is, well, take a look at it. I thought it was a kind of retarded-looking seal's face, but actually it says INKO and is a picture of the Inko Buddha's bird-face.

"Yamazaki: The...
The liquefied humans...!

The liquefied humans wanted a friend

"Now you'll become one with them..."

They're gonna swallow Buriki Daioh too!?


In the end, I guess Hiccup was more cut out for the food service industry rather than the viking chief profession.

I guess Buriki Daioh doesn't work anymore, but then, what are they gonna use it for? I don't suppose Toei moonlights as a tokusatsu director.

But at the end of the day...

... I guess you don't have to be a viking chief

to still be a badass.


And that would be it for LiveALive. I hope you guys enjoyed this thread, that's all there is to see, folks. Time to go


But that, well, that's all for the next fella in line.