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Part 62: Knight - Update # 1 - Visit Beautiful Generic Fantasy Kingdom, Enjoy Daily Life

So I was in an area for a week with a content filter that blocked access to SA. I did not know this would be the case ahead of time. Sorry.


Knight Chapter, Part 1
Visit Beautiful Generic Fantasy Kingdom, Enjoy Daily Life

Music: Live-A-Live

Welcome to the Knight chapter. Unlike the other chapters, this one has no intro blurb. It's just, "Okay?" "Cool."

: Minister: In the West...

: Er... What's your name again?

No, that doesn't look right.

Much better.

This guy looks exactly like the guy to the right, and is therefore screwed from the start.

: And in the East, it's Straybow versus Watt Nahbe! Good luck!

Even moreso now that we know he looks exactly like our throwaway for this chapter.

Orsted's basic techniques.

Cut One Way has 1 range away from Orsted in all 8 directions.

V Shine only hits the cardinal directions, but is much stronger.

: And in the East...

Poor Watanabe's kid.

: Warrior Straybow!
: Now then, before the finals, a word from the King!

: Remember, to the winner...

Oh, hey, a plot already.

: Even though we may be friends...
: I'll never forgive you if you go easy on me!
: Now then, it's Orsted versus Straybow in the final match!
: Begin!!

Music: Difficult Fight (Battle Theme of Knight Chapter)

A fight against... Our rival, ostensibly.

Straybow's attack he likes to use.

We stabbed our best friend into a heap on the floor. Right on!!

: It's alright... You've won...

: Come forward, Orsted!

: Well done! Well done indeed, Orsted!!

: You certainly seem to be... VERY strong.
: It is with pleasure that I become your queen.

: To Orsted goes victory, and the hand of Princess Alicia!
: In celebration of these two, on whose shoulder's Lucretia's future rests...
: A feast! Let us all eat, drink, and be merry!

God, finally. Nothing beats finishing a day full of stabbing people quite like drunken merriment.

Music: Warm-A-Live

: Father overdid it a little at the feast, admittedly,
: but he's happy to have an heir such as you...
: Of course, I'm happy too.
: Please, stop calling me "Your Highness..."
: I'm just me, now.
: From this day forward, even more than Father...
: More than anyone...

This is an adorable scene and absolutely nothing bad could happen.


Pssh. You call that a dragon? More like a --

... Yes.

It has some attack called Rend. That's all my notes say! I guess it sucks.

Terrible, what passes for a dragon these days.



Music: Demon King's Prelude

Goodbye, princess! Have a good time!

There's that intro.

: The nightmares have started afresh!
: How is it that the Demon could have come back to life?
: We have little hope. The brave Hero Hash slew it last time...
: But he's closed his heart now, and is living as a hermit in the mountains.

Orsted stands up. The King somehow interprets this as

Technically, King, Orsted has yet to say a word. Maybe you should have thought better of picking a mute to be your heir.

: Thank you, Orsted. I hereby proclaim you the new Hero!

Is that even a thing you can do? He's saved absolutely nothing thus far.

: Please! Destroy the Demon, save Alicia, and return peace to this fair land of Lucretia!!
: My heart is gladdened. One more suitable could not have been declared my heir!
: I'm counting on you, Orsted.
: I believe in you!

Cue our exit.

Sure is a big castle.

The townsfolk have all lined up.

Some of them give us items.


I guess mutes have a hard time saying no. Even when they really should.

This one can give us more than one of these.

Some other people give advice, but it's mostly just telling you to go visit the old hero, Hash, in the western mountains.

Oh this guy again.

: If it's a demon we're up against, then it only makes sense...
: ... that the Tournament champions should be the ones to defeat it!

Hey, guy, there was only one tournament champion. You didn't get the hand of some other princess as a second-place prize, did you?

Alright. And I guess we're off on a quest of something. Whatever. It's still not exciting enough to get a peep our of our hero.