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Part 64: Knight - Update # 3 - Random Encounters Make Everything Take Longer

Knight Chapter, Part 3
Random Encounters Make Everything Take Longer

Music: Wings That Don't Reach

So Hash has some techniques. Like these ones.

Strong damage to 1 target a few squares away.

Respectable damage to a wide area, has a charge time.

Extremely strong damage, knocks away the target, lower's Hash's level for the remainder of the battle, has a charge time.

Hash isn't the only one with new techniques, though.

Encage is solid and hits everything withing two squares of Orsted.

Purple Mist is weak and has low range but lowers enemy stats.

Oh hey, we're here. Hash has more attacks, many of which are some of Orsted's weaker ones, as well as Spindle (a weak, non-noteworthy attack that hits all enemies 1 square from Hash) and Dragon Sword, a single-target charge attack weaker than Death Trail but which has more possible targets perhaps. I thought I screencapped them, but then they don't really end up mattering. Jump Shot, Razor Sonic, and Death Trail are really all that are going to get used.

Music: Journey to the Mountain of the Demon King

It is implied that Hash it stabbing the figure in its mouth.

And that's all the dialogue we'll be seeing this update. Now for dungeon crawling.

So here's this maze.

All these piles of bones can be inspected to get items... But I don't feel like it.

Random encounters.

This guy's a jerk and doesn't care which way he's facing. This attack is actually more threatening than his bite, because although the damage is mediocre,

It turns you around and knocks you away. In this game, all charge attacks are cancelled if an enemy moves you, so this can be irritating in larger groups.

This one decides to commit suicide, which is fine, because

It doesn't even knock Uranus to critical. It does very low damage indeed.

Looks like this is wrong, too.

Going around to the left, we find more paths.

Not this way.

This is the sort of attack that seems bad, but then it's not, but then later it is again. Right now, Orsted is much weaker than Hash and can't contribute that much to these fights, so using a couple clock ticks to disable enemies is respectable. Later on, Orsted will be able to just kill or deal strong damage to enemies, and of course it's ineffective against the bosses and the like.

Straybow got this attack. It's got a lengthy charge time but its range makes it more useful than anything Orsted's doing. Really, in the time it takes him to run up and actually use a strong melee attack,

Hash has killed half the field,

Uranus has fixed any incidental damage,

And Straybow has dealt enough damage to the rest of the enemies that Orsted can just tap them or guess so he does get the kill but it just feels weak.

Hey, we're through the first room.

And there's several more.

This sure looks like a lot of enemies. Better have Orsted go up and

Pick off the straggler, I guess

More dead ends!

Orsted gets a counter that I have never seen come up. I honestly don't even know what it looks like.

But hey, Straybow gets a new technique, too! I wonder how it compares to Blue Squall?

One square all around Straybow for okay damage. Too bad right next to enemies is not where Squishy Straybow wants to be. So it sucks. But that's okay because Blue Squall.

This is the only place to go now.

This room looks important, I guess.

Oh hey! It's my old friend!

Ugh how long is this place, let's just take the right

Ugh. A treasure chest. I don't even feel like opening this. Back around to that door at the beginning.


This door doesn't EVEN have a chest through it

A new technique for Uranus!

It has a lengthy charge time, but

So yeah. This seems good.

Okay, done with that room

This room looks regal enough to be the final one, right?

This is how much damage Sanctuary does to things that aren't slimes. Sigh. This is better than a random attack from Orsted, but it's not enough to one-shot the lesser dragons. Better off just healing people and using that amazing full-screen instant stun.



Orsted learns this awesome attack that does respectable damage to everything adjacent to him, and also knocks them back and around. And it can be used as a counter! How nice.

And the only remaining path is the one that was actually closest to us at the start.

How totally inconspicuous.

These statues are obviously unimportant so let's just leave.

Finally, we're here. Next time: Plot.