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Part 65: Knight - Update # 4 - How to Murder a Demon

Just because no one's responded, doesn't mean I don't have another update.


Knight Chapter, Part 4
How to Murder a Demon

So here's where we left off.

Music: Megalomania

This guy is actually really hard. I'm probably underlevelled since I made no attempt to grind whatsoever, but even so, dang!

The first thing you have to do is get all your guys together so Uranus can do his AoE heal for everyone. But then this guy uses attacks like Sonic Boom and suddenly

Meanwhile, Hash attacking back is like

So let's try this thing.

And heal.

After waiting the charge length, the demon king is hit by Dragon Sword for

Much lower numbers than I'm used to seeing out of Hash.

This attack is painful.

Orsted and Straybow are downed. Uranus barely survives, but

He's poisoned.

Luckily we have healing, and since Orsted and Straybow weren't killed, they're back up. Still, downed characters will be killed by anything that hits them while they're down, so healing them immediately is very important, especially in a fight like this.

Even though it has a long charge time and has weak range, this is the only thing that will do any noteworthy damage at all. We'll be dead if we just keep batting at it with nothing.

Luckily the Demon King wastes several clock ticks by casting Beguiling Eyes, which puts Straybow to sleep, when he wasn't being the slightest bit helpful anyway.

Casting's done.

Death Trail knocks it back and does almost 200 damage. I suspect this guy has about 1000 HP, so this is much better than what we were doing before.

Unfortunately, the Demon King has the ability to break out of combos with a Barrier Burst, which like a jerk he has the ability to combo out of

For huge damage and petrifying the target.
Thankfully, using this technique does lower his defenses. It's a good thing this is CT. Break Burst would not have this downside, especially since I can't figure out how to guard crush in this game.
I'd like to have Uranus do an AoE heal, but his targeted heal recovers status and removing that petrify is much more important while most of our party still has decent health.

Orsted uses Spindle to knock the Demon King away and buy a short amount of time. The Demon King comes back with another Sonic Boom to wreck us and knock Orsted to the corner, but it buys enough time to

There we go.

This Death Trail does more damage since, again, bursting lowers defenses fairly significantly.

Of course, being a total cheater, the Demon King just bursts again, and Hash is petrified. But thankfully for us,

We can still recover from that.

He's gonna have to step forward, since he can't attack us from that angle.

Healing while we can.

The Demon King steps forward. Doesn't he know that when the opponent goes for a super you should just block it?

Too late, since Death Trail is +0 after the super flash. This is some All Green stuff, dang.

And it's finished. The enemy's form distorts and fades out. You could almost call it a distortion finish.

: There's no way...
: That was NOT the Demon!

: How pathetic...

: Hash...

: Hash this, great hero that... I'm tired of hearing it.

: So that wasn't the Demon after all...?

: The true demon... is much stronger.

That honestly felt pretty strong, Hash. We almost crumbled under its black onslaught. It's a good thing we managed to send it to the astral plane. Something something azure grimoire. BLAZBLUE EVERYONE

: Th-then the princess?

: Hash...
: You've got the plague, don't you?
: Why did you come?!

: I...
: I may be old, but I am still a Hero...

: Hash...

: I wanted... to go out with a bang...
: Orsted... use this sword...

: The princess placed her faith in you.
: So long as at least one person believes in you...

Music: Wings That Don't Reach

And that's that. We can't go back in. All we can do it just walk all the way back to the castle. Luckily, all random encounters in the demon's lair are gone.

There's a hidden grove to the far south of the main area full of Naorigusa, a healing item. You can go in and out as many times as you want to collect them again and again, unlike the others around the world map that don't respawn. But I never exploited this.

And we're back...

Music: Demon King's Prelude

All NPCs say one of these lines.

: Th... that's right... You're the new Hero, right?
: Orsted! Please save the Princess! Mighty Orsted!

: The hero Hash and Straybow, too...
: So that means the true demon...
: And Alicia...
: I'm sorry...
: You must be exhausted. Please, rest in the room to the left.

Music: The Demon King Odio



The demon's right here.

It goes down in one hit.

The demon flickers away, revealing

: His Majesty!!
: What have you done to him?!

Quick, Orsted! Say literally anything in your defense!

: Somebody! Help!!

Ah, you wouldn't, would you?

Music: The Demon King Odio

So we run. We run away. This is all that we can do.

Music: Wings That Don't Reach

And that's it. We've been cast out. Everyone in Lucretia is now terrified of Orsted. Uranus will be locked up or executed. Hash and Straybow are dead. And Alicia... Is still in the hands of the true demon king. But she's still waiting for us, and this is not the end.