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Part 66: Knight - Update # 5 - Repentance

Knight Chapter, Part 5

Music: Wings That Don't Reach

Back in Familia, there was the family that gushed over Orsted so. Maybe we should visit them.

Random encounters. Of course. The battle theme isn't playing; Wings That Don't Reach keeps going during all of these fights, preserving the sombre tone.

We also have this, though. Which makes everything faster.

: It's not true, is it?
: No! Keep away from him!

: Don't...! Stay away!!
: Go away! Get out!!

Well that didn't go well.

Also in our random battles are these guys.

Encage wings battles.

We could go through the cave again, but there's no purpose in it. No, we have somewhere else to go.

And now we're thrown in jail.

: Who is it...?

: Orsted...? ... Is that really you, Orsted...? This is insane...
: Ho ho...
: They've tortured me, but I never stopped believing in you...
: But now I'm starting to see why Hash hated people so much...
: But you know, Orsted...
: You have nothing to gain by hating humans.
: As long as there's someone who still believes in you...

: What Hash and I devoted our lives to protecting... you must continue to protect...

: Please... You must go... There is still much... for you to do...

: You certainly seem to be... VERY strong.
: It is with pleasure that I become your queen.

: Father overdid it a little at the feast, admittedly,
: but he's happy to have an heir such as you...
: Of course, I'm happy too.
: Please, stop calling me "Your Highness..."
: I'm just me, now.
: From this day forward, even more than Father...
: More than anyone...

And now we have a mission.

Music: Demon King's Prelude

: The Demon silenced his comrade...!

More fights. They're all weak.

Hey, we levelled up. But there's really not much more to say.

Back to the cave. Let's finish this with the demon king.

In the cave, we have a bunch of new kinds of enemies. This one's not threatening, although it is annoying, because its attack Beguiling Howl can cause us to become intoxicated. That means we sometimes move the wrong direction, and it also means that

Only basic attacks can be used.

But the moment I see this screen, I know things are fine.

And then this happens.

Each of the doors at the end of these rooms has a miniboss in it. This one is

It's never out of range of Jump Shot, but it'll like to do this a lot:

And sometimes this, which is actually not a breath attack at all so I don't know what's up with the name.

It knocks us back, does huge damage, and puts down a lightning field.

Still, one more jump shot takes it out.

Awesome. This thing is the best. We travel through the second room, and we get to

The next miniboss, and now that we have Hexaflange, the easiest one.

So, Hexaflange.

It has a good area of effects, allowing us to strike enemies two to one side and one to another side from us, a position they can't generally hit back from.

It looks kinda cool, as a bunch of cuts effects fly out of us and slash through it.

And it's quite damaging. More damage than Razor Sonic without a charge time. (Although Razor Sonic is much bigger.)

This thing steps forward, but

It doesn't get to attack.

Next up.

4 Acrophobia and an Acrophobia Container to the side. This is one of those fights where if we kill the thing to the side (and it doesn't have much HP) they others break down. But if we don't, we get an armor that gives a LOT of defense. Not that that will ever come into play.

But these things all die to two or three Hexaflanges anyway. They do have one noteworthy thing about them, though.

This attack lifts you up and drops you for strong damage.

Over half Orsted's life.

But then, Hexaflange hits them from a spot they can't use it, so

Right on.

So now we're here, at the end.

There's something like a hundred different comments to be made here. I will try to be original by making none of them.

This thing is something you don't want to attack you, ever.

But you can't always avoid it.

I missed the damage from this thing, but now we're at under half HP, so we should use a Naorigusa to heal. It's just going to do this combination again, though. But luckily, this time.

We have this cool attack that sometimes gets used as a counter, called Spindle, which turns the enemy around. Now that we're in this position, we can just use it whenever Gynophobia turns around, using Hexaflange as long as it can't hit us back immediately.

And now we're in this room.

Examining the other statues does nothing, but for this one,

A secret passage.

And through it...?