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Part 67: Knight - Update # 6 - No Rest for the Wicked

Knight Chapter, Part 6
No Rest for the Wicked

We enter the statue, in which is a very large tunnel.

After quite a long time, we reach the end of it.

The summit.

And the villain is... Straybow?

: The collapsing roof was not an actual trap...

: I figured out the secret of the Demon's Statue. Then...

: Thus, I faked my own death!

: Heh heh heh...

: You fell for it so easily!
: Then, to fling you into the very depths of despair, I saddled you with the crime of regicide!
: But...

: You've ruined everything! You always have!
: No matter how much I help you out, you always take more, more, more!
: Even in the tournament!
: How I suffered that night...

: But...

: Today I make up for the past, when I was just your hapless foil!!

This guy is not well.

Madness takes flesh, and Straybow gains a terrible aura...

Final boss time.

Music: Megalomania


Straybow's stronger, but it's still Straybow.

This counter is weak.

This attack is weak.

This attack is weak.

Straybow is just no match for us.

Straybow falls down, defeated. Dead.

But from the cavern entrance emerges Alicia... Finally, we can clear up everything.


: Orsted...
: Why... why didn't you come for me...?


: I waited for you! Oh, how I waited.
: But... it was Straybow who came for me!
: He...
: He always suffered in your shadow...

How could this...

: Straybow...
: It's alright...
: I...

Holy shit.

Music: The Demon King Odio

End of Knight Chapter. Cue credits.

But even after that, it's still not over.

Even after that, there's still one last chapter.

But in this chapter... Who will be our protagonist?


For the next person along:

Have some saves.

I hope these rapid updates have made up for my delays at the start.