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Part 73: Final Chapter - The Final Chapter: The Update That Has Mister T In It

The Final Chapter: The Update That Has Mister T In It, Also Since Inthesto's Not Free Anymore The Technique Dungeon Is In This One Too

I'm not entirely sure this is the best place to be exercising.

Anyway, welcome back! This LP's still chugging along even past the banning of the OP. Crazy, isn't it? Anyway the gang's all here, albeit a bit different than you may remember. Remember that last update with the ninja dungeon? That never happened. Forget that you ever witnessed it.


Ultimate Strength ~ Victory Road

: Who is it?!

: I'd never have expected to find a ninja in a medieval castle. Riddle me this, pal... Are you my enemy?

: Hell no!

: Doesn't matter anyway. Let's have some fun!

As a side note, Sunset doesn't have to fight him. Anyway!

If you've got a photographic memory, you may remember Mister's stat spread from way back in the Wrestler update. It still applies here. 320 HP. The works. I'm cool, so I got him all his moves. He's got a wide arsenal, and pretty good stats to back it up. But he didn't count on one thing.


It even petrified him post-death. How pitiful.

: Not bad. I'm Mister Takahara. I'm stuck in this crazy place too. Why don't we work together?

: Yes.

: ...! L... ... L...! Looooooooove!

He's significantly more powerful now.

Mister T is a tank, plain and simple. He's got a lot of combat options, but his main draw is that he has a lot of HP. A LOT of HP. He hits 999 earliest of anyone- Level 18, if I recall correctly.

The tradeoff is his absolutely terrible final attack. Earth-Rending Fury sucks, if I didn't make that clear before. Did I tell you that O-Robo learns that move at Level 16? Yeah, I did. You know he has two different moves named Top Spin. It's weird!

Anyway yeah. In true Wrestler Chapter fashion, Mister T's going to be in and out this update.

Right up near the entrance to Hero Mountain is this windbag.

Some Chump Who's About To Die In A Few Seconds: Here is the Dungeon of Strength. For you who seek to be ever more powerful, smash the path open with your strength alone!!

It's our first boss fight of the final chapter! I won't be covering most of the random encounters, since they run off of some weird level algorithm I'm not entirely aware of and I'm already not able to encounter all of them.

Apophisphio has 448 HP. His attacks are... uh...

Ah. He has Spindle, Jump Shot, and Death Trail, all Orsted moves. Spindle is a round-area counter, Jump Shot is a ranged attack with high power, and Death Trail is a diagonal attack that does massive damage, but takes a while to charge. It also has Straybow's Silver Fang, which is a really long-ranged, petrifying Water attack.

Not that any of this matters. His HP is so low that Li kills him in two Xuan Ya Lian Shan Quans.

She learned that permanently at Level 16, by the way.

Here we are in the Dungeon of Strength. It's... straightforward.

Literally. It's a few straight line rooms. There are no random encounters and the chests are locked.

At the end we find

Hmm... Super Bandage...

LOOK AT IT! Can't you just feel its majesty? Its STRENGTH? Oooooh yes that's a powerful weapon right there ahahaohohohheheheheh.

As a side note, see that +127 Power right there? That's the max stat bonus. It can't go higher than 127. There are only a couple of stats that I know of that you can do this, and Mister T's Power is one. Sphere's IQ is another.

Oh yeah. Sphere is in this chapter and he has a high IQ score. Spoilers.

Anyway, now that we've obtained that little beauty,

Random encounters! And a lot of them. The encounter rate is ramped up higher than anywhere else in the game here- it's insane. Of course the chests are open, too. That's nice.

Anyway! This is Mustard Dragon. The green ones are Pistachios. Mustard Dragons are notable because they control the Pistachios and one other type of enemy- defeating those enemies gets you Power Parts for Sphere.

Mustard Dragons have 12 HP, but really high defense. Only certain moves, like Sunset's bullets, are really capable of harming him. He has Flamethrower, Dragon Flame (ANOTHER Orsted move, a diagonal with some charge time that does pretty awesome damage,) Jomjom Bullet, one of Buriki Daioh's moves, and another move that I'm not sure what it does.

Pistachios also have high defense, but have 60 HP. Their pretty much only move is Hell Fragrance, a full-field counter that inflicts Poison, Sleep, Broken Arm, Broken Leg, and Paralysis.

Yeah. It sucks.

This chest contains a Gold Topknot. Get this. It's important.

Well, that's that.

He gained 6 levels this update!

So this is Ishtar. Ishtar has 1600 HP and has pretty much two moves- a full-screen counter called Escher Space that adds Drunk, and a melee attack called Moebius Rondo that does pretty darn high damage and decreases stats across the board.

Also, gives 45 EXP. Basically if a character hits Ishtar they're guaranteed to gain a level. Neat.

So that's that.

SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT DIO IN THIS PICTURE (it's the way to sunset's dungeon)

Anyway, let's go to the top of Hero Mountain.

This is a Yamato, I believe. They can also drop Power Parts. It's got 2032 HP, Flame Throwers, Missiles, and an 88mm Tank Gun. They're top of the line.

Well, that's nice. You can wait a bit longer though.

Another Loser: Ye lost child from another dimension... I fling you into the world of death!

Head Plucker here is another optional boss, as you might have guessed. He's got 544 HP, but a lot of Defense. His only attack, really, is Wesan Blade, a standard Melee attack that does quite a bit of damage. I mean QUITE a bit. Enough to kill BamBam in two hits, even. It debuffs him across the board quite a bit when he uses it, but still. He's probably one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.

Naturally I beat him.

And as evidenced by the state of my party there, it went perfectly alright and nothing bad happened.

Each of the main optional bosses gives you a piece of the Ariel equipment. The Ariel Equipment is pretty radical. The boots here raise Defense by 10 and give Petrify Immunity (a common Ariel trait.)

Anyway, now that we've beaten Head Plucker, just run up a bunch. You'll find yourself back at the start.

For our last stop, up on Hero Mountain is a rock. Approach this rock with Li in your party and

That happened. Well, cool.

This is the Dungeon of Technique. It's SORTA a maze. Sorta.

Approach any of the rocks in the dungeon and Li's command list pops up. You get to go down the entire list, looking for the command that works!

Obviously you should only come in here once Li hits Level 16 and gets her last move.

Get it right, and Li stands there in kung-fu pose whilst the sound effects for the move play. Then she kicks the rock to rubble. Neat.

Anyway, just find your way through the rocks with the right moves and- wait


Music ~ Warm-A-Live

So, uh

this is Voice Heart, the third boss of this chapter

he's got 800 HP

his attacks are You wonderful man!! which is a melee, Sexiness, which is a ranged, and Sweet Whisper, which is a ranged that inflicts Sleep

9 EXP, drops Alice Biscuits which are full-heals to one character

Anyway he's dead now so just have to progress through the dungeon



THIS IS INCORRECT (the chest on that screen contains Thick Chest Hair, which I find amusing)




And then since this joke stopped being funny a while ago, I fought him about 5-7 more times until I got to the end. He shows up in every hallway and respawns. It's really annoying.

Music ~ Megalomania

He's exactly as weak as he was the rest of the times you fought him. I find this highly amusing.

Hmm... Master's Nunchaku...

Beautiful, ain't it?

There aren't any actual random encounters in this dungeon and Voice Heart is now super-dead, so you can just leave without any trouble. I am terrible at video games and thus it took me like seven minutes. Don't follow my example.

But hey. Eventually we all find our way. Anyway, a few more things before the end of the update.

These are Dimensional Ganzaemon. They have 208 HP each.

Their attacks are- Iron-Cleaving Blade, a ridiculously powerful diagonal melee, Dimensional Tear, a ranged melee that does pretty good damage, Road To Ruin, a vertical that does good damage, and Secret Strike! Onegashima Slash!!, a melee that hits regular melee range and does 999, no exceptions. They're pretty burly.

They ALSO give 17 EXP, one of the highest EXP in the chapter. They also always come in three and can drop Tequila and Genji's Tabi.

And these are the stats on Obama's best weapon, since Xander didn't show these.

There. Now you can stop pretending that the last update never happened.

And since ending on that note is awkward, here, have an establishing shot of our party.