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Part 74: Final Chapter - The Final Chapter Round 2- There Might Be Puzzles Involved

The Final Chapter Round 2- There Might Be Puzzles Involved

So we need Hiccup for this next dungeon. Well not need need but we need him.

We also need someone else.

This item was picked up a while back on Hero Mountain. As Sunset, Obama, and Li, it's called an Iron Box. As BamBam, ???. As Mister T, Parts. And as Hiccup, Battery.

It should be obvious what it's used for by now.

This- being up where Orsted and Alicia shared their magical moment together- is where you'll need it.

I want you to take a good, long look at those stats. They aren't changing. On the bright side, look at that IQ! Wow!

I took the liberty of boosting it a bit. Also of note is the fact that he can't equip any weapons.

Sphere in battle is very much a support character. He's got multiple heal moves, a scan move similar to that of the Basic Rock, and a number of movement and status moves.

Oh, and also? Taro's move parts from Hiccup's chapter also apply to him, so if I had them he could fire projectile chickens. Unfortunately I don't.

hi sunset

bambam will open your doors

There's a meat scent coming off of this specific wall, by the way.

Welcome, one and all, to the Dungeon of Instinct! Our gimmick today is that there are multiple doors out of every room, and only the correct path has a meat scent coming off of it.

So let me tell you about these guys. These are Tumble Bugs. They drop nothing, have 31 HP, and give 4 EXP.

Their defense and evasion are also high as hell. They use Kuang Zhuan Yan Wu as a counter and as a regular move- it's a fire move that deals some pretty big damage.

All in all they're just real pains.

All of these paths have meat scents coming off of them.

The middle path brings us here. Now, normally these statues would be completely useless, but since we have Hiccup, we can read their minds.

Oh pish posh Watanabe and Son, I've run away 99 times in this chapter and nothing bad's happened to me!

Yeah yeah whatever you say.

Over here eventually you'll find... this.

: Yes.

This Fish Kinda Guy: 'zat so? Then do you have a Gold Topknot?

: Yes.

This Fish Kinda Guy: Can I help you with something else? Is there something you want to ask me?

: Yes.

This Fish Kinda Guy: It'll cost you a lot... Let's see...

: Yes.

This Fish Kinda Guy: Time to die!

Amlucretia here is our next optional superboss. He's got a round 2000 HP, and gives 18 EXP.

His attacks are Crushing Bite, a melee with pretty decent power that only hits diagonals, Body Bash, a more different diagonal melee that is weaker but hits farther, Poseidon's Whip, a more different melee that hits horizontals, hits pretty powerfully, and can inflict Paralyze, and Tail, a more different horizontal melee that can inflict Poison.

Your best bet is to just have BamBam and your other hitters hit him a lot. Since BamBam needs to be in your party to fight him, you'll probably win in a war of attrition. Sphere is actually a pretty good choice for this battle, since he counters with High Speed Op, his area healing move. Eventually he'll keel over.

Amlucretia: You can have this!

Hmm... Ariel Ring...

The Ariel Ring gives you +10 CON and immunity to Petrify. Also Rear, Firearm, Strangle, Charge, Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Mind Evade Up. It's nifty.

Amlucretia: But the gold topknot is mine! I won't give it back! Anyway, a promise is a promise.

: Who are you?

Amlucretia: I am Amlucretia, and I am older than the history of Lucretia itself. I've lived so long I've nearly become a god myself. I'm not sure why, but all the humans disappeared from around here some time back. It's kinda weird, but at least it's quiet, y'know? I do feel some kind of presence in the southeast, but I don't know whether or not it's human.

: Where am I?

Amlucretia: This is the Dungeon of Instinct. Only those with a strong, wild nature can enter into it. There are also Dungeons of Power, Technique, Intelligence, Time, Mind, and Keys. What do you mean, "how do I get in?" What a question! Use your loaf, lazybones! What do I look like, a strategy guide? C'mon, I'm sure you can do it. You found your way here, after all. Besides, your drive to achieve is what makes you human! Lose that, and you have nothing.

: Who am I?

Amlucretia: What the hell kind of question is that? How should I know if you don't?

Well that was highly bizarre. Anyway!

Hi there.

Hmm... Bone Axe...

Unfortunately it has no Speed bonus, so he'll be a bit slower, but it's still disgustingly powerful.

With that done, our venture into here is complete. Simply exit the dungeon the way you came.

Over here in Familia, where Hiccup is chillaxin', is our final dungeon. It's in the houses.

The Dungeon of Intelligence is very linear. You just keep on truckin'.


: Welcome to the labyrinth of Intelligence. I am the Intelligence of Sphere. Strength is unnecessary here. Lateral thinking and a calm composure will guide your mind to a new level. This chair will connect us from here on out. Speak to the chair, and I will come.

: Rearrange the red floor... first width, then height... Both at last.

Red floor switches your controls. Left and Right, Up and Down, and then all four directions get switched 90 degrees.

: Follow your image in the mirrors, and the white sphere will show you the way...

Follow the opposite of the mirror up and down, follow its directions left and right.

Take the direction of the mirror on the left.

Take the direction none of the mirrors show.

Follow the arrow.

: At its terminus you shall ascend. This is the final test. Here too shall the spheres guide. In Time, you shall find understanding.

Each sphere teleports you to a side-room. Take the spheres clockwise, starting with the upper-right.

It's pretty boss. The game proceeds to kick you out, but go back in- there's something else in the red floor room.

This Robot Guy: Is it you who have usurped the mind of the ancient god, Erauqs?!

So Erauqs here (don't think I'm not onto you Kingdom Hearts, switching two letters doesn't make it a new name) is our fourth superboss. He's got 656 HP, pretty high defense, and grants 16 EXP.

He's got Missile, a long-range area attack that does pretty good damage, and some other stuff. None of it matters because BamBam kills him in one Dodegesden.

Hmm... Ariel Helm...

It has a Defense stat of 15 and gives Petrify Immunity. As a side note, the Ariel Gloves from the Hasty Eggs in Sunset's dungeon give the exact same bonuses.

Anyway, that's all before the final battle against Odio. I guess that I'll just-


excuse me

So this is Death Prophet! He's the last superboss. He's got a total of 960 HP and gives 14 EXP.

Oh, yeah, and he's immune to the Cola Bottle.

He's got Hu Xing Quan, a long-range diagonal melee that petrifies, Petrify Sphere, an all-directions all-range attack that petrifies, and Dimensional Rift, the long-ish ranged crazy powerful melee attack of the Dimensional Ganzaemon.

Yeah he's pretty burly. Luckily if you put off running 100 times until you've done most of the other stuff he's not too bad. Everyone in my party but Li had Ariel equipment on, so his Petrify attacks didn't exactly do too much.

I won.

The Ariel Mail is the final bit of the Ariel equipment. It gives 45 DEF and Petrify Immunity.

...So that's REALLY all.

Next time on Live-A-Live: The Demon King Odio