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Part 76: Final Chapter - Update # 6 - In retrospect, I should fear some evil

Update #6 - I shall fear some evil

The White Dragon posted:

For now, well, Hiccup had other things to take care of. He might even get to make friends with that Clint Eastwood fellow someday. But he knew, deep down, that his friends wouldn't forget about him.

: That much, at least, was true.

: Hiccup? Hiccup?! Wake up, sleepyhead!

: I'd say it's been a pleasure, but I hate to lie without a good cause.

: What about my hurt feelings?

: More of a delightful bonus than a cause for concern, why?

: What about a final attack that does 999 damage to end-game bosses?

: ...
You may have a a point there. I guess it's time to say goodbye to Bam-Bam.


: Sad but true - once Sunset hits level 16, he gets much better DPS (Damage per Round?) than Bam-Bam. Not quite as sturdy, but that's generally not a problem when you're killing most things before they damage you.

: It's not as though the munchkin had anything to contribute in the amusing banter department.

: The three musketeers and a random cowboy type ride once more!

: More like the three ronin and one snot nosed punk.

: Ah, horrible attempts at insulting drivel, just like the old times! It's like travelling with a dumber and girlier Aramis. Take one guess as to who would be D'Artagnan. And how is... err... Milady Constance?

: Who, me? I'm cool. Mastered an ancient martial art, surpassed my master, currently breaking rocks with my bare fists and stuff.

: Oh. That's neat. I mastered my teleportation abilities and uncovered the horribly tragic mystery that afflicted this land and by extension all of us with a terrible curse. But you already knew that.
We're going to save the world next, aren't we? Or even more than that. Huh. Hiccup the saviour of the multiverse at large, past, present, and future, as well as the great Neo-Tokyo area. You know, there's a traditional ending bit after saving the world. Something about happily ever af-

: Oh my, would you look at the time!

: It's time to strip you naked


: And replace you with the odd baritsu wrestler.

: What the Chuchu are you talking about, Obama?

: What? Why?

: You're kinda annoying.

: Also, not a very good character. Even gamefaqs supports me on this one.

: And you did dump us in a boring dungeon via a weird teleportation mishap.

: A one time glitch! Could happen to anyone!

: I'm really sorry, in a totally gloating way, but I believe there's a clear consensus here.

: You can't just leave me like this!

Yeah, I guess I can't.

: There. Much better.

: Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy

: That is one pitiful fool.


: What? It's the truth, and nothing but the truth. Or can't you handle it?

: Let's move on before I start regretting my decision.

: To eternity and beyond!

: Onwards to danger and glory! More importantly, away from the twerp.

: Obaaama!

: Creepy.

: Thank you for that valuable insight. Yes, the blood splattered sign in a cursed land leading to the mountain of doom might just possibly and conceivably~

: Hey! It's ok to be scared.

: More like midly nervous, really. That doorway is really unappealing.

: A protagonist's gotta do what a protagonist's gotta do.

: So unless you can come up with more things to waste time on...

: It's well past time to finish this. Let's go.

: (Man, am I ever tempted to end the update here)

: Oh hi ghostly ninjas. That's actually more comfortably familiar than the grotesque abominations I was expecting.

: These guys are actually mildly dangerous, since they will actively maneuver into a spot where they can use their diagonal heavy damage move (demonstrated above).

: Now you tell us.

: Mr T is a big bag of HP, but his defense sucks regardless of equipment, so he replaces Sunset as the character most likely to spend a difficult fight in a near-dying state.

: Bones serving as treasure chests and torch-holders; actually more along the lines of what I was expecting. Very evil overlord-ish.

: Unholy demonic mockeries of the human form - also along the lines of~

: Totally expected and boring now, we get it.

: And then Li kicked a floating battleship out of the air.

: That I did not see coming. Also, incredibly impressed and inexplicably... impressed, now.

: We're already familiar with the Forbidden Land, so we head straight to the Demon King's sanctum.

: Huh. Was that here the last time around?

: That's Odie Oldbright!


: Sunset is still the most laconic character, to the point of omitting his own name from the exclamation in order to one-up the others. But he does make up in "..." for what he misses in actual words. I'm not sure why I find it so adorable, but I do.

: A separate statue, huh? I wonder what that means?

: At the risk of providing an overtly simplistic interpretation of the motives behind the work based on a cursory glance, I would imagine this is the separation the Demon King statue from the other manifestations of Odio is meant to indicate that the Demon King is the source of all said manifestations. Being placed "above" the statues from the players perspective also serves to indicate the Demon King's place in the game hierarchy as the "Final Boss", if you will, and prepare the player for a confrontation that will undoubtedly be more difficult than the final battle with any of the previous bosses. In addition, said separation may indicate that the nihilistically sociopathic personality generally indicated by the "Odio" style monikers reaches a natural nadir with the Demon King, who cannot bear to even keep his statue in the company of other, inferior, manifestations of himself.

: ...

: Right there with you, buddy.

: What? A guy can't have some basic education in art criticism? I'm not all about fighting and pop-culture references, you know.

: Yeah, I'm still thinking;

: Hey guys, there's a passage here!

: Welp. Time for the final fight.
Anyone feels like we should do a bit more grinding before we proceed? A training montage, maybe?

: Let's ride!


: Hey, that was my line!

: Demon King Odio!

: We're gonna take you down!

: To avenge everyone you've hurt!

: To make sure that...
Is he coming out to fight, or what?

: Welp.

: I'm pretty sure he's not hiding behind the statue.

: Well, obviously~

: Did you think it was going to jump out and yell "boo" at us?

: Just admiring the view. It's nice here.

: So... now what?

: I guess we missed some quest to make the Demon King appear.

: Backtracking ahoy.

: Ugh.

: Of all the nasty tricks to pull

: Oh

: Shit.

: You were saying something about hiding behind statues and shouting "boo"?

: To be fair, he was possessing the statue itself.

: The difference being?

: Guys!

: Let's freaking go!

: What? But he's right there!

: Wait for me!

: You darn kids! Get back on my lawn!