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Part 1: Character creator

Addendum: Agent Customization System

So I only just now realized that I should definitely explain character creation limits a little better if I'm going to ask people coming in blind to make things, thus this post.

This is the agent customization menu that I have access to. While I can customize the hair, eyes, and mouth, that's all I can do right now. You can still mention accessories and outfit colors that you'd like and I'll try steering in that direction later, but those aren't available right away-most accessories are granted randomly by working with abnormalities, and we only currently have access to the most basic of suits.

If you want a full idea of what options are available, this picrew has a rather comprehensive lineup of everything, and I'm absolutely fine with working off of a link to one of these. Options 3-7 are all the hair/eye/mouth styles, and while there are some equipment/accessory spoilers in the other tabs, there's nothing that'll ruin any of the twists the game has.

Most importantly:

Guile hair is absolutely an option. Sorry for any confusion, everyone.