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Part 4: Day 2 - Story

Day 2: Story

Music: story 1

Since she's our "most trustworthy and capable companion among all the AIs," we're going to be speaking with Angela at the start of every day. Today is no different.

That is the motto of our founder, the one whom we refer to as A.

>Face the Fear

Of course, with the exclusion of myself, as I do not exactly belong to humanity. How should I put it? We are pioneering an entirely new world in a brand new field of study. The discoveries we have made thus far are merely the tip of the iceberg.

We confronted them for the first time. And we faced fear itself. They were fundamentally an incarnation of fear.

:derp: :hb: ...Yeah, that tracks.


>Build the Future

One may simply lie atop the sand of the future… Or they may shape it with purpose. Lobotomy Corporation is an innovative company. The harvesting technologies we have discovered are such a…

It’s simply remarkable. These technologies could be the salvation of mankind. With these, we will mould the future, creating brand new paths.


Routes Merge Here
In summary: Lobotomy Corporation is simply remarkable, says the AI who was made by Lobotomy Corporation for the advancement of Lobotomy Corporation's corporate agenda. Also, Abnormalities are apparently incarnations of fear. This means we're probably not going to see any cuddly teddy bears anytime soon.

This isn't all, though. Any time you finish a mission for a Sephirot, their story progresses and they give you a new mission. Yesterday, we cleared Malkuth's first mission so right after this we get to see-

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

Angela again? :confused:

Usually, I am in charge of the security of your office. However, it seems that I failed to pay close enough attention to the Sephirah meeting room. I heard that a Control Team employee has “resigned” from the corporation.

"Good job?" :raise:

You do know what it means to “resign” here in the company, don’t you?

Great. Now they both think their boss is an idiot. :v:

I’ll take that as a no. I do sometimes miscalculate what information I should deliver to you and what I shouldn’t. Some aspects of our company that I considered natural and obvious may come as quite a shock to you.

It’s like a well-structured play. Every actor has a role and they must be faithful to their part without any error, synergizing with each other. Now, imagine that one of the actors decides to leave the stage because they didn’t like their role. The actor should have played their predetermined part at the predetermined timing before making their exit stage left. But to leave the stage without fulfilling their part means that the life of the role and its actor are finished. That is what we mean when we say someone “resigns”.

Oh, there's Malkuth! I mentioned earlier that it'd be fine if someone went into the Kabbalah stuff more in-depth, and Jen X was kind enough to oblige, so I'll be quoting them occasionally from here on in.

Jen X posted:

As far as the Sephirot symbolism goes, all that matters for the moment is that the higher sefirot are the aspects of god considered closer to the divine source, while the lower ones are the more...human accessible, is I guess the best way to put it? Malkuth (or Malkhut, if you want a better transliteration), for example, is "kingship".

I knew you could do it! You’ll never guess how much I rooted for you back there. As for me, the day went alright; we covered a joint emergency-protocol drill for my team! Not a single dropout or injury! Everyone did a good job! Not to say that it was perfect, though.

Malkuth is so earnest that it's easy to forget the first thing that she does is have someone iced for trying to quit their job. :3:

Those entities that wander the facility, unable to be contained. And sometimes, they manifest themselves in the corridors. The drills do no good when you encounter them, since we don’t have enough data on them. So we always have to stay alert! No matter how meticulous our plan is, we can’t control the unknown.

Pausing here to say that I couldn't find the next song anywhere in the music files I had access to. If anyone can find it, please let me know and I'll get the name information updated.

Music: UNKNOWN from M2

It’s not like fear or anything… Some other sensation. Strange, isn’t it? I feel nauseous, like something within me is palpitating out of control, and it feels… like I’m no longer myself… How could I describe it? Like something’s wriggling inside of me…

In summary: If an employee tries to resign the higher-ups just murder them, confirming what happened at the end of day 1. There are also other things that just show up in hallways sometimes and cause problems. They seem to do something unpleasant to Malkuth's mental state.

We can think about that later, though, because we've got a brand new mission to do!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Time Kompression! Obscure mechanics! Malevolent vibes!