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Part 6: Day 3 - Story

Day 3: Story

Music: story 3

One thing I haven't mentioned yet, every day our conversation with Angela is starting by the screen fading in like a monitor powering on.

It actually even goes too bright at one point, before snapping back to normal.

Like so. I've said this before, but this game really has a lot of little touches like this. It's part of its charm.

In age old fables, it is common for a mysterious entity to appear and tell the protagonist to utter three wishes. However, I do happen to know what your predecessors wished for. There were many aspirations. Common among them was the seeking of some kind of “growth.” To lead the company to prosperity, to achieve spiritual maturity, you name it. Each had wanted to flower in a different way.

>I wish for the company to prosper.

Please don't let this be one of those faux-inspirational business-speak speeches. I never liked those.

Currently, you work for Lobotomy Corporation. In our company, you will see things that cannot be seen, and you will feel things that cannot be felt. You shall do impossible things. May your wish be granted.

I'll be somewhere up there, I hope. :v:


>I wish to mature my spirit.

While Angela is quick to respond to matters of business, nebulous concepts like 'spirit' seem to take her a moment. As expected of an AI, I guess.

Come to think of it, there was another manager who gave me such an answer. As you know, “spiritual” is a rather obsolete term in today’s world. So I asked them for the definition of spirit. Then that manager told me…

Even an AI cannot store every bit of data. Unnecessary information should be deleted for smooth operation.


Routes Merge Here

Hm, I suppose what happened to the others is not important, after all. I do promise to cheer you on for the journey to your final goal, though.

In Summary: We talk to Angela about our wishes, and find out either that we're going to be doing the impossible or that Angela deletes information that she doesn't understand finds irrelevant. Either way, she refuses to tell us what happened to the managers before X.

Music: Town- Alone in a Crowd

I myself have a lot of work to do. If you look at my notebook, my to-do list is always so full.

I know I’m slower than the others. I always have to check my list or I’ll miss something important. That’s why I have this notebook with me all the time. Can’t leave any mistakes, you know? I’ve been carrying it for so long that it’s almost worn out. It’s been with me ever since I began working here as the Sephirah of the Control Team.

But I’ve got everything under control. I feel like this is the kind of life I’ve been yearning for ever since a long, long time ago. Maybe even before I was capable of thinking.

Music: never frozen bottom flows

Wait, weren't the AI made for their respective departments..? :ohdear:

Music: Town- Alone in a Crowd

Sure thing boss! I’ve got it right here on my list. I’ll have it turned in by the end of the day! Well, I should get going now, it’s a pleasure talking to you, manager!

It’s especially bad for Malkuth. You’ve noticed, haven’t you? I can’t complain, though. It only makes it easier for me to control her.

In summary: Malkuth continues to hammer on how she always forgot things before she started using her notebook, which she got when she started with the Control Team, which is what she was created to do, so... Malkuth seems to have memories from before she started doing the thing she was specifically designed to do? Considering this makes her bluescreen. Angela says that this is because she's just buggy, which is making it increasingly obvious that she's our most valuable companion 'by default,' rather than because she's that great. :v:

Anyways, we have another new mission. Let's get on that next time.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Murderers! Meltdowns! Absolutely nothing goes wrong! :stonklol: