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Part 10: Day 5 - Story

Day 5: Story

Music: story 3

“Each successful experiment makes you a better person.” The greatness of this company was founded on multitudes of trials and hardships. So you too, shall become great. Each day in the company is another small experiment towards shaping your life for the better.

Well, of course it was fine. Let’s spare the pleasantries, no?

>An absolutely horrid one.

Ah, excuse me. Your answer surprised me. I have no knowledge of what it is like to live a horrible life. I am afraid I cannot sincerely console you. However, perk up just a little, many things will change if you stay here.

It seems a lot like Angela '...'s when she isn't entirely sure how to process what she's just been told.


>Nothing spectacular, just ok.

Although, one can always improve the quality of their life.


>It could be better.

While I am unable to console you with empty words such as “that’s not true.” Many things will change while you are here. That much is clear.


Routes Merge Here

The seed of a tree will not grow just anywhere. It requires fertile soil, the right temperature, and fresh water. However, most seeds fall on barren soil.

I cannot provide you with water or sunlight… However, I will do my best to tend to the soil.

In summary: Angela draws a metaphor about how sometimes no matter how people try the circumstances simply will make any sort of success incredibly painful simply because of where their seed fell, and humblebrags about how awesome her life has been. She apparently has room to remember extended gardening metaphors, but not conversations with previous managers. Upside, she promised that she'd make sure we at least have the chance to get somewhere? :shepface:

Sephirot cutscenes only play whenever you clear a mission, so this is actually where the game moves ahead to the build screen. However…

Sometime later…

You wanted to see me, Manager?

Yes, It's about your code of conduct…

Right! I put my all into its creation, and it ensures that the department runs perfectly no matter the outcome! I'm so glad to hear that you've decided we should roll it out to other departments!

...That's not why I called you here.

Huh? It's not?

Look… I get that you and Angela have a certain way of dealing with employees who've been pushed too far. Still, it's easier to keep the employees we have than it is to train entirely new ones. Can we, like, lay off on the retirement plan?

But, Manager! It's been highly effective! I know, because the Control team is my entire life!

I-I'm… I'm sure it has been, but… this is just extra pressure on the employees. Think about it like you were one of them.

If I was one of them, I'd just work really hard and not quit until I had it right! That's how I got to be the Sephirah of Control in the first place!

Okay, but… think about while you were working really hard… before you made it? Don't you think additional pressure like knowing you might die if you messed up would sort of…

Manager, do you even know what you're trying to say? I'm not sure you do?

Malkuth… *sigh* There's already a lot of plates spinning between the Abnormalities, and while I haven't seen any of these 'Ordeals-'

Still waiting on you to suppress that Dusk, by the way. :)

I know, Malkuth. I know. They're going to start showing up eventually too, and it's just… I don't want our employees to have a meltdown at a bad time, on top of everything else. Okay? That just makes more work for the others.

...Does Angela know you're considering this plan?

Didn't mention it. I get the feeling she's a little less attached to the idea of keeping agents alive than me.

Well… alright. If you really think it'll help, Manager, I'll do as you ask. I don't mind trying what I can to keep employees away from meltdowns.

Thank you. Needless deaths are expensive, and I only have so many LOB.

My policies are in place to avoid needless deaths, Manager. We'll see if yours can do the same. Is there anything else?

No, that will be all. Have a good night, Malkuth.

Of course, Manager!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Meltdowns! Arbitrary self-imposed challenges! FUN. :unsmigghh: