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Part 106: Day 43 - Story

Day 43: Story

Music: Ember

Do you realize this? The ones who were with us at the beginning are nowhere to be found among the people who remain here now. They are all gone. Because of the monitoring of the 'Eye', we couldn’t even give a proper burial to Kali and Daniel… This place here is all we have left.


I wish to be your shadow, forever behind you, even if I am not good enough. May we be together, and fade away together.

Music: Strange Dream

I deemed you to be that chick, one that is too fragile to endure all of this. I have never known where it was you wanted to fly to, since you never told me. I was always nothing more than your student who needed your teachings. You were always so frugal with words.

The process of creation was too harsh, I could not help but run away. I could have run far enough that I would never see you again, but I did not. I tried to set everything right, and I was caught. Since then, the iron hands that govern me have stopped permanently.

In fact, I vaguely knew that the end was nearing. However, I was simply too afraid to face the final outcome, and instead chose to stay here forever and ever. I may have been verbose with my reasons for attempting to stop you, but to be truthful…

Nevertheless, I should support your decision.

Like everyone else, Hokma gets some static before we see his true form.

Unlike everyone else, he goes through a midway change.

May we embrace glory together, for back then we could not. Grant the proper end to those locked up here, and to yourself.

In summary: We remember old times with Benjamin, where he reminds us that Angela isn't and will never be Carmen. In the present, Hokma acknowledges that he was scared to leave our side again, and decides to follow after us like he always has. We aquire The Eye Embracing the Past; Building the Future, and the Seed grows to 80%.

Ah yes, Manager. There is one more thing.

Day 43 Story

Really don't understand why you have to go through that every time. I've already heard it once.

The script is absolute, Manager. If I didn't follow it, we couldn't proceed properly.

I guess that's true…

Eighty percent… After so long, it almost doesn't feel real.

On a related note, it would be helpful if you could successfully provoke Binah as well. She needs to have a meltdown like the others if we are to proceed.

I get that, but… do I have to?

You do.

Uuuuugh. I just don't get her. She's like… talking to moss. I can't provoke moss. It's just there! Watching me!

Nonetheless, this is what you must do, A.

I'll give it a shot, but no promises.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Getting rewarded for doing stupid things.


Chiral? Aren't you supposed to be in extraction?

Needed a break. The work we do down there is… Eugh.

That bad, huh?

The only reason the boss can deal with it is because she's gone off the deep end long ago.

Which one?

Yes. :rolleyes: That leaves me to translate what they're talking about for our clerks, which isn't really all that easy. I'm basically acting manager without anyone paying me extra for it.

Oof, that sounds tough. Well, at least you're indispensable?

I guess there's that, but that only lasts until I wind up going the same way as them.

Mmmaybe a hobby would help? I have a suggestion...

This sounds like I'm about to get pulled into a zany scheme.

Oh, no, it's nothing like that. Twee and I were talking about finding players for a game yesterday. You wanna join?

...Why not? I'm in. When is it?

We were thinking about having the first session tomorrow after work? Just bring snacks... Or beer.

Done. See you there.