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Part 111: Day 45 - Story

Day 45: Story

Music: Vast Landscape

Don’t you get any impression, when the place you belonged to has been reduced to ashes and dust? Don’t be such a buzzkill. Try to admire the view a little. Since childhood, scenery such as a myriad of stars illuminating the sky or the sun’s radiant light beating down upon the earth couldn’t impress me one bit. This, however, gives me a thrill. A thrill that makes me thirst for more.

My thirst has not been quenched just yet. Why are you trembling so much? Where’d the guts to betray your very own Nest go?

The plan wasn’t perfect by any means, but it wasn’t all that bad, either. Thanks to those that placed their trust in you, we get to have this magnificent view. Trust is one of my favorite weapons, you see. It leaves a great wound, no?

Wherever there is trash, they’ll always be on time to gather it up. It’s a symbiotic relationship, so to speak. We’re too busy to take care of all the dregs.

:gonk: N… No… Please…

Ah yes, that face.

:gonk: ......... Anything but the Sweepers.. Please…

When we click to advance there's a pained, horrified scream that fades into a squelching noise. It feels very brutal, and an image fades in slowly after the sound ends.

Garion, ladies and gentlemen. :allears:


Wouldn’t you agree? Now, the next stop… is that place.

But the weak and the vulnerable tend to yield greatly valuable information. What kind of faces will show me what it means to be alive next?

Only the sound of their last breath, and the expressions they made while they cling to their fading life could satisfy me. I recognized a long time ago that you and I were no different. We are the mutants this epoch has created.

That is why you could have planned all this. However, no matter what you achieve here, the world will not change at all.

...But simply idling here won’t change the world, either.

I shall not close my eyes just because my eyelids are heavy, nor shall I turn away just because the sight is painful. Simply proceed like you always have. Then you may just triumph.

In summary: We get a glimpse of Garion-Binah's original form-in her day to day activities as she crushes an "H Corporation." It turns out she's exactly as merciless as we already knew she was, and she mentions moving on to her next job-we know how that story ends. In the present, she confirms that we and her are alike, and that we're better fit than most to live through this era of humanity. While she still insists that we're not going to actually accomplish anything, she's decided to observe us as we try to finish our plan-and in the end admits that if we keep going we may just triumph.

Strange Dream never played, no deep epiphanies were had, and no lessons were learned. Nevertheless we got The Eye Facing the Fear; Breaking the Cycle, so in the end the Seed grows to 90% and everything's probably fine. :lobcorp:

...We did it.

We did.

So uh. What happens now?

There's a script for 90%, isn't there? :rolleyes:

Music: Until dawn

So you wish to hear an answer from me. I have already made my conclusion. I was full of myself at first. I thought you would never be able to do anything without me by your side when we first met.

Perhaps my assistance was not necessary in your journey, after all. Therefore, you should not be seeking an answer from me anymore.

So, what do you think will be waiting for you behind that door?

In summary: Angela states that she didn't think we'd be able to do anything without her, but we've proven her wrong. She then says that because of that we should stop looking to her for answers, and mentions that we can clearly see a door-presumably the one out of here.

No more metaphors, please. I'm tired and they hurt me.

I am simply fulfilling my duty as I always have. Speaking of which...

Day 45 Story

Oh, right... That tenth Sephirah… I got so caught up in the moment that I forgot about it. Hokma?

Yes, A?

Do you know of any others?

I'm afraid not. As far as I've seen it's been only the ten of us Sephirot.

Then do you know anything about day 46? Or after that? I can see that it's called the Architecture Team, but beyond that…

Unfortunately not, A. I have no memories of any such day, and the records of any days beyond this in the cycle are… nonexistent. It's as though they were forcibly purged by someone with more authority than I.

Angela? Was that you?

It was not.

Hm. Maybe Talow would know?

That wouldn't be possible. Since it became clear that whatever happened within Architecture would render the lot of us into an unstable state, I would attempt to ensure the cycle ended before then. To that effect, Talow has not been alive beyond Day 45 as of yet.

Hmm… Binah, any chance that-?

My child cannot control what she remembers. There is no doubt in my mind that she would survive, but she's a thing to observe. Not to question.

Tch. We'll have to rely on the TT2 protocol when we get that far, then. Everyone buckle down. Tomorrow's going to be our last day before we bring this all to a close.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Angela tries something new.

...So that's the situation. And more or less what I'm thinking of doing about it.

Tch. Well, I guess it's up to you. I'll try to keep everything from going badly on this end. Still, telling everyone this late in the game is…

You guys got me this far. If we make it to the end it's going to be off of your backs, too. I'm sure of it.

...Heh. What happened to that paranoid guy who shot me?

He got punched in the face. Hard. Probably deserved it.

Definitely deserved it.

Either way… sorry I couldn't find anything out about your dad. Not even the Records Team had anything. Whoever he was, I don't think he was ever at this facility.

It is what it is. At this point, just focus on getting us out of this loop, okay? The trail might be cold, but that doesn't mean I can't pick it up after we get out of here.

I'll do what I can to help once I'm all done with my part, too.

Damn right you will. We have a deal, and I can beat you in a fistfight. :rolleyes: