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Part 119: Day 49 - Story

Day 49: Story

So if nobody's gotten this far before… It's just me here now, right? I guess that means we'll get this project dusted, humanity'll be saved, and that's that.

Music: Gloomy Cathedral

...Okay, I'll bite. Why do I look like I belong on one of Chinely's TV shows?

You won’t believe how long I have been painstakingly waiting for you. Ah… The wait was getting so, so boring. You know, the world made of dots is no longer interesting to those who’ve realized the existence of lines, so to speak.

Singularities are manifested day after day. Everything changes in the blink of an eye. The Wings and the Head control this world, and now humanity cannot live without their constraints. Every single person just stays silent, even though each and every one of them knows how many ethically morbid compromises the Wings are making. Those who are not under the spell of control die as loners and failures. That’s where we’ve ended up.

Those are the questions that bring upon growth, but people stopped asking them a long time ago. All anyone has left these days is to die a slow death. Nothing is as boring as watching a predetermined fall. So… We managed to find it.

Unfortunately, the majority of humanity wouldn’t find their light on their own throughout their entire life. We are bound to be unhappy as long as we are chasing an illusion without realizing the truth. People began to hide their light in the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Yes, we could see the truth. The Abnormalities are no longer abnormal; they are no mere fantasies anymore. They are our truer forms. Restored to being by drawing a little speck of light from our hearts.

They feared and tried to contain the Abnormalities. Do not place blame upon their ignorance. It is only natural for one to fear being naked in the face of the world. At least you and I know one thing. Carmen shall be our forbidden fruit for the new humanity.

Music: Once upon a time

I am Adam, soon to become the root of this new humanity. I will wait for the fruit to ripen and come to life after I seed this vast forest. The forbidden fruit shall enlighten us all with the long forgotten knowledge branded in our hearts. Just a single bite will open their eyes and grant them wisdom. They will be free of the sin of forgetfulness for what we truly are… And they will understand that they should feel shame for covering it in their shell.

Just imagine it. Everything that was suppressed, bursting out in every shape and figure possible. Does it not make you tremble in excitement? We’ve always asked this question…

No one could answer that… But I found the answer. I shall show you. So join me.

Music: Into the Deep

People live with their own anxieties. It is a natural price one must pay for confronting the unknown. However, I did not accept that anxiety, that fear. I devoured them to survive in this world. That was the first and final sin I have committed. I have no regrets about it. It was for survival.

I knew so, witnessing your face as you ripped through my brain back then. You may also say it was an inevitable process. However, it is about time you faced the fear that you have now forgotten, and dare I suggest… Face that fear if you want to stop the cycle.

You are only saying this because you are afraid, aren’t you? If you truly think it is a misdeed to deprive them of the act of facing their fear… Then listen well.

Helping to shed everyone from their empty skin, can you not see how that is the greatest good of all? People need someone like us. Think about the wave of redemption that will follow.

Please remember the reason why I happily let you pass. I did so because I wanted to see you fly with your own strength, despite being left in this harsh world with a skin as fragile as yours. Perhaps if we had talked more sincerely in the past… Perhaps… it may have resulted in better circumstances.

We live in endless conflict and regret, starting from birth up and unto death. We grow by embracing that conflict—that regret—and we walk towards the future.

Our days will be filled with marvel and wonder that you cannot possibly imagine if you join me. You are painfully crawling through each day, and you still aren’t even sure if you are on the right path.

I cannot spare any more time. If you are not ready, I shall go first.

Not so fast there, Adam. Who ever said you were leaving?

..Are you…?

In summary: We meet the next shard of ourselves, who calls himself Adam. He believes Abnormalities to be the true form of mankind, and wants to make all of humanity shed their skin and become them. He demands we join him so we can enact the answer he found, but our experiences in the Lower Layer allow us to come to our own conclusion. Not wanting to let the world get turned into horrorterrors, we decide to stop him.

You honestly believe yourself my equal? I, who have discovered the answer to the great questions plaguing humanity? Who has done more than any other of our fellows?

About that... Pretty sure Angela wasn't lying when she said she hadn't observed anything beyond 70% seed completion.

That machine walks in step with the endless cycles of this immaculate design of ours. When I first defeated Gebura and set her back to right, it was on the 45th day of one such cycle. You're quite right: she wasn't lying.

I see...

I went forward step by step, overcoming those weaker versions of myself until I reached this place. But… you're right-I needed still more energy to carry forward. Still, I couldn't risk losing my glorious epiphany to a reset. I chose to wait here for another self so that our light, our seeds together, would be enough to meet our requirement. And so, here you are. Once you agree, we shall be in accord. Then, we save the world.

There's no way I'm agreeing.

Oh, you've made that quite apparent. Still, you've no chance against me. Your every instinct, each and every gut feeling you've had to guide you and show you the proper way to manage… They were a gift from myself.

A gift?

I had to do something to ensure you would make it here before I was as withered as old Abel. A way to resonate within you, and let you have information you never experienced yourself. Just like that strange girl from the Extraction Team...

You didn't.

Oh, but I did. I already know everything. There's nothing within the Well which could surprise me. Indeed, it only confirmed what I already knew.

That you were already crazy?

That the world wishes for this freedom. We shall set everyone free, unmaking their fears as we etch an eternal paradise upon this earth!

...Yeaah… I've decided. I'm definitely going to stop you.

You have no hope of doing so. Look at yourself. A poor degraded shell of what I was before, barely able to follow the simple conversations of Abel and Abram. Meanwhile, this cognitive form which I hold to remains as sharp as it ever was. Even your skills are but a pale imitation of my own. No copy can ever hope to match the true artistry of the original.

I'm going to make you eat those words.

You're going to try.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: X tries to save the world from his edgy teen phase.

Music: More weird wind ambiance, it's not in the OST. :shrug: