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Part 121: Day 50 - Story

Day 50: Story

The day starts off with another suppression complete message.

And now that we know ourselves, our third eye is open.

Music: You are a giant

They must have tried to stop you because their own tomorrows are not on the horizon. But you gave up the path to stay in those yesterdays with them.

You must have realized that as well, seeing as you have made it to this point without hesitation. I had known… For a very long time… That we all lost our hearts.

...That’s what makes Carmen different from us. Instead of turning away, she wanted to save them, and guide their souls back. She was the one who made the noble decision to dedicate herself to save humanity. Yet I, who held no such ambition, had to continue her legacy.

Maybe I was not the right man for the job. As you can see, we’ve become just like the other Wings, committing atrocities just like them. The employees here have repeated hundreds upon thousands of deaths…

All the while I just sat and watched, justifying it all as the means to realize her ideal. This sin shall never be forgiven. Nonetheless… We must finish this. If these wrongdoings can finally cut this vicious cycle once and for all… I will gladly take this burden upon myself.

Every single person has their own light. In the light, they create their own stories, and lay down the roots of their existence in it. We are merely there to sow the seeds. It is up to the people to bloom it in their own ways.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see what kind of forest will grow. Besides, we still have one last thing to do… It is something we have done countless times.

You’ll make it. I know you will. Come now.

In summary: Having attained true knowledge of who we are, we complete the Seed with The Knowing I. We then meet a final A, who is our true self. He admits that Carmen may have made a huge mistake, and that we have done a lot of horrible shit. Still, he's willing to follow through on committing hundreds of sins if it can lead to one particularly good deed. He mentions that we won't be around to see what happens when the Seeds we sow bloom, before declaring that we need to manage the Abnormalities one last time. This will be our final day at work as the manager.

So… Why won't we be able to see what happens?

You already know, don't you?

...yeah. :sigh: Sucks. But then...

You know everything we've done. It's not like we can expect to escape from our sins forever.

Even if I disagreed… in the end, it's the trolley problem again.

If you have the switch, and you're the one on the track…

The right answer is to push it anyways. And, hell, even if we did go back and tried to find another answer…

We know Adam didn't lie. We're stronger mentally than the rank-and-file workers, but…

There's no telling how long we'd be able to hold off having a permanent breakdown. And those…

Can't be recovered from for more than a short while. Hey, are you getting…

Tired of finishing each other's sentences? Yes.

Oh thank god, I wanted it to be a bit, and then it went on too long and-

I know. You're me.

And you're me. You want to turn on the light now?

Nah… it'd get confusing for those guys.

Ah, you're right. Best to keep clear who's talking.

Hey… we didn't finish the dissolution in this loop, did we?

Not yet-there were more Abnormalities than I could actually get in one facility. Why?

Ideally, we'd have it done to maximize our light output. No big deal, we'll just have to watch a few videos before the end.

Those things Abel made? I've seen a couple, they're pretty good.

Yeah, we can do some awesome stuff when we put our mind to it.

Like what's coming at the end of the day?

Exactly. Let's do it.

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