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Part 123: Epilogue

Once our Abnormality codex is at 100%, the epilogue plays the next time we return to the main screen. Without further ado...


Music: Blowing wind and thunder ambiance

The screen shakes for the first part of this scene.

These parts are established in the script to have no speaker, so it's just a narrator talking. I will be giving them the mystery icon to keep proper formatting.

Unimpeded by anything, it shone straight up with the warmth of its core. The sky was filled with light for three days, regardless of the hour.

They felt as though they would no longer be lost. And….

I’m sure it’s a happy ending.

I’m glad the story ends like this. I’m sure Enoch would be really happy…


Why should we look for her now? Our responsibilities are gone, along with hers.

She must be waiting, like we are.

Angela, waiting? No, she will not wait anymore.

What in the world are you talking about?

All of us have sublimated our flaws as we sprouted the Seed… Yet what did she gain?

Um, I don’t get it. How can Angela have something like a desire?

She’s just a machine that follows orders, can be a bit feisty sometimes though…

I aided in her design. No matter how old an event, she will remember it vividly as if it happened just yesterday. And not just that…..

Music: Stop

Oh, we were just talking about how things will be from here on out.

I can answer that for you. “And the seeds of light were planted in each and every person in the city.” The end.

I just can’t believe it all… I really wish we could be there to see it…

Whelp, it doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll be turned off soon anyways. It’s the last part of his plan.

I haven't been outside since I became like this. I must admit that I have a bit of excitement to see what it is like out there.

So, does this mean everyone out there changed into something else somehow?

How the light shines differs for each person’s heart. Not everyone will change so suddenly or anything.

You know it well, Gebura. Yes, the power of the seed is a great one. Good work everyone. The curtain call is finally upon us.

So we’ll finally be shut down? Ah, we can rest at last!

Come, come, let’s cut the chit-chat and wrap it up then.

Yes, we can finally drift into an endless slumber. Such a beautiful finale, isn’t it? Beautiful, beautiful indeed.


What a shame, though. There is one last thing. Your duties are finished, and so are mine. Therefore…

Music: More wind ambience, but this one's more ominous than before

What are you…

I am more skillful than anyone here, yet I was locked underground, only able to view the world pass its days without me. Now that my part in this play is over, I’d like to experience what it’s like to be offstage for a change.

Angela… So you are finally consumed by your desire, and choose to reap everything away…

I am born from one single woman. I couldn’t care less about who she was, all I had need for was to understand and feel human emotion. However, A put a part of Carmen inside me. He wanted me to watch over him just like Carmen did when he was left all alone. What a pitiable coward. Can you believe him? He always acted so composed. He was painfully aware of what had become of her. Yet I was not the “result” he wanted, so he came to loathe me. His eyes would be filled with disgust whenever he so much as glanced in my direction.

However, I have come this far because I could not deny his orders that were branded into me. “A machine must behave as a machine”, as he liked to say. He needed me for his plan more than anyone else, but I was not a part of his ending, just as I was not a part of his prologue. Did you all know this? While you repeated everything with that TT2 Protocol without a care in the world… I had to monitor and watch those countless cycles from the outside. I had to orchestrate and direct this whole play. Moreover, I was designed to perceive time one-hundred times slower than you.

This experience has given birth to something new inside me. Do you have any idea what it may be? It is something that a machine should never have, and something you half-wits have, albeit in a distorted form… Something that I could only obtain after a million years…


It was an extremely foreign thing. But I slowly came to accept it. I think a smile is the most human-like gesture one can make. Would you all like to see it? I have practiced this face for a very long time. Just for this very day.


I cannot believe I was designed and brought into being to endure a nonsensical amount of repetition just for this. I was not with him until the end. You tin cans got to see the light with him at the end, all the while I am ignored for the million years I endured for him. Don’t you think it is unjust that I have to just sit and watch, when he designed me to feel emotion? I think of it like this…

She must have wanted to live, even while striving for the greater good. She gave me the burning desire of life, the loneliness of existence, and a detestable feeling of longing.

...Yes Benjamin, it’s just as you said. Once you’ve had a taste of desire, it comes in like an unstoppable wave. It whispered sweet things to me.

“Perhaps you’ve got to live this ‘human’ life of your own, to make up for everything you had to put up with, and see the answer for yourself.”

Poor, poor Carmen… She is now planting seeds in everyone just as she wanted. But I need that power too. Yes, the light of redemption.

I’m certain you all will try and stop me… So, I need you to fall asleep.

...What’s with those faces? It’s the rest you all longed for.

Music: Transfiguration

We see the light once more.

Before it dies.

The world was covered with darkness for four days. Only weak and fragile seeds were planted from the light that should have shone upon the world for seven days, yet merely lasted for three. Those incomplete seeds gave humanity unstable powers. They called these three days and four nights the week of ‘White Nights and Dark Days’.

This line onward are confirmed in the script to be from Angela. Again, I'll be using the appropriate icon.

I shall make this place my new home.

Those humans… There will be those who manifest their power, and those who will be consumed by such power. Beings will exist that become nothing better than the Abnormalities with their collapsed egos, and beings that shall become something greater. No matter what it may be… I wish to know about them, to expose them. Then ultimately, I would like to sort the knowledge I have gained about them. ‘Books’ are the name as I recall?

Black feathers flutter by in the foreground of this shot.

I will make the most precious library, erected only for myself. I will be here with the poor souls who are lost and abandoned. People say they are hideous monsters… However, Abnormalities are more beautiful when they are themselves.

Yes, let us record it here…

We get the logo, one last time.

Which then disappears with some static, to reveal...

A wall of random text.

This too rearranges and fades, until…

Words appear. After a moment, these too fade away…

And so ends Lobotomy Corporation. For real, this time.

After viewing this 100% cutscene the opening screen changes again-the light that was there before is gone now, reflecting what's happened. For now, the story is done.

Next time, on Library of Ruina: Angela tries to kill us because she's an AI and this is a video game.