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Part 128: Mechanics Talk 4 - Clerks/Control Team Bonus Content

Mechanics Talk 4: Clerks

Clerks. They're background characters who wander around randomly within their departments. They have 10-16 HP and SP, and a gun which has a 40% chance to deal 1 damage each time they fire. Their gun and suit both count as ZAYIN class. Right now they panic when they see any breaching Abnormality, but eventually they will be able to serve as distractions fight alongside our Agents.

In theory, Clerks provide an important service. Each department has an office worker effect, which gives a small buff to all agents in the facility based on how many Clerks are still alive.

The circled indicator tells us what level of effect we currently have, and the exact effect varies by department.

The Control team increases the Movement Speed of our agents. None of these bonuses are particularly important, but there's no reason not to have them if you can. Clerks are refreshed at the start of each day for free, so it's usually not a big deal to lose them.


Certain Abnormalities count the number of deaths in the facility, and Clerk deaths count towards these numbers. The community has collectively nicknamed them the 'Clerk's Rights Abnormalities,' as they exist to punish managers who let their Clerks die.

We will absolutely be taking at least one of these Abnormalities in the future. :stonklol:

Control Team Bonus Content

Team description

Team armband

Malkuth sprite

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