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Part 133: Mechanics Talk 8 - Service Benefits/Information Team Bonus Content

Mechanics Talk 8: Service Benefits

What would you say if I told you that the armbands our Agents wear are more than a quick way of telling which department they're in? What if I told you they had… benefits?

As an Agent works in a department, they gain a bonus based on the number of days they've worked in it, which gets stronger after 3 and then 7 days. The bonuses are listed on the deployment screen, in the same place as the Clerk benefits. For instance:

Control gives bonuses to Movement Speed, and the 3 base bonuses are +3, +5, and +7. As usual, this is not the whole story. The oldest Agent in a department becomes a department captain after 7 days. If multiple Agents are tied, then the priority is given to the Agent furthest to the left on the Agent bar. Captains get a more powerful bonus than other Agents, in the Control team they get a +10 to movement speed instead of +7. These can only be given to one person in the entire facility, but luckily most of the bonuses are just negligible stat increases.

Most of them. We'll get to the ones that aren't eventually. :v:

One final note, the stat increases are added in the same way that EGO gifts are, so the same leveling trick that I showed off with D.A.D. should work with them as well.

Information Team Bonus Content

Team description

Clerk/Agent bonuses

Captain bonus: +10 Temperance.

Team armband

Yesod sprite

Story background