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Part 135: Mechanics Talk 10 - Titles

Mechanics Talk 10: Titles

Everyone in the company has one, from the Timid Newbie to Modest Arbitrator. Titles are a group of words that all characters have, which give a tiny boost to their stats. Each title is split into two parts: a prefix and a suffix, and each part gives its own set of bonuses. A level 1 Agent starts with the Newbie suffix and a random level 1 Agent prefix. Level 1 Agent prefixes are all +3 to one stat, with most of them also giving -2 to another stat, while Newbie is a flat +2 to all stats.

At level 2, Newbie becomes Employee, which is mechanically identical to Newbie. At level 3, Agents get a new suffix. These suffixes all give +2 to all stats and +3 to one specific stat-except for Senior, which gives +3 to all stats. At level 4, Agents get a new prefix, which gives +3 to all stats and +5 to a specific stat instead. Finally, level 5 Agents get a new suffix which gives +3 to all stats, and +5 to a single stat-except for Grand Senior, which gives +4 to all stats.

An Agent's initial titles are randomly rolled, while titles gained via level ups are determined by what their highest stats are. The exact mechanics aren't known, but an Agent who primarily trains Prudence will gain Prudence-boosting titles as they level up. In order to get the Senior and Grand Senior titles, all four stats must be more or less even when the Agent levels up, making them difficult to get by accident.

Eventually, we'll see an upgrade to our Agent creation capabilities that starts them at higher than level 1, and when this happens all Agents will start with the suffix of Senior. Grand Senior remains elusive, however-and the easiest way to get Grand Senior is to max out an Agent and throw them to the Mirror of Adjustment. Mirror rerolls titles and uses the current stats as a template for what the titles should be, so with a maxed out Agent you will always get Grand Senior with a random prefix.

A full list of the titles and their boosts are located here, for those playing along who want access to the information.

One final note: Titles are located in the game files in Language>Localize>en>AgentTitle_en as an XML file. This means they can be quite easily edited, in the event that anyone would like to make the game call their Agents silly names for some reason. :getin: