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Part 136: Mechanics Talk 11 - E.G.O

Mechanics Talk 11: E.G.O

It's time to talk about the randomly dropping presents that range from a sweet hat to a thorny crown to a jerkyface stapled over your current face: E.G.O gifts. Gifts are randomly handed out after a work with a specific Abnormality is completed, and add a small number to the agent's stats in addition to changing up their looks. There are limits to this, however:

First, gifts are kind of rare. The highest odds in the game are an 8% chance of appearing with each work, with most being at 5% for ZAYIN/TETH levels, 4% for HEs, 3% for WAWs, and 1% for ALEPHs. Normally, the power level of the gift corresponds to the level of the Abnormality, but the 1% drops aren't so strong as to overshadow the others, and several HE- and even TETH-tier Gifts are on par with or outright better than the rarer options.

Second, each gift takes up a specific slot. There are 14 total slots: Hat, Helmet, Eye, Face, Mouth 1, Mouth 2, Cheek, Brooch, Neckwear, Left Back, Right Back, Hand 1, Hand 2 and Special. Each can only hold one gift, and they are not evenly distributed at all. Three of these slots have only a single gift available, and several others have only 2-3. On the other end of the scale, one category (Hat) has a total of 13 different possible gifts.

There are two main trains of thought about how to optimize E.G.O gifts: using them to stack Temperance to make working faster and easier, or using them to stack Justice to move/use weapons more quickly. Between the two I lean towards preferring Justice, since I figure that even with half the ALEPH-tier weapons not working with Attack Speed properly, you still can't beat a 200 Move Speed Agent running around at the speed of light. Still, gifts are mostly a matter of personal preference, and outside of a couple of clear winners we can't go wrong with getting as many as we can.

Okay… we mostly can't go wrong. :v: