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Part 137: Mechanics Talk 12 - Ordeals

Mechanics Talk 12: Ordeals

This post is a catchall for all the Ordeals we've met in the game, meant to be a convenient spot to find all the Ordeal cards and well as their opening and closing lines for each one. They'll be arranged by color in alphabetical order, going from Dawn > Midnight. Spoiler warning for if you're reading this later, but none of this information is all that hush-hush.

Worms. :can: Burrow to quickly travel between parts of the facility.

Arrival: A perfect meal, an excellent substitute.
Defeat: We ate incessantly to live. The inevitable diminution, the waste...

Arrival: To accustom oneself to the taste was an inevitable process.
Defeat: We could live. We could continue eating.

Arrival: They fought amongst themselves to eat the others.
Defeat: And the stronger side survived. That, simply, is the story.

Clowns. :gonk: They do things when they die.

Arrival: Let us light a flame yet more radiant in our lives; for life is a candlelight, destined to snuff out one day.
Defeat: To live is to yearn and fight for our desires.

Arrival: We marched from time to time, and we would share our pleasure.
Defeat: The collision of one life with another, skin harmonizing, painting a yet more beautiful appearance.

Arrival: Throwing away our old bodies, we all become one, infinitely continuing the red march.
Defeat: One day we will know, and tomorrow we will march hand in hand.

Robots. :awesomelon: Lacks a consistent gimmick.

Arrival: One day, a question crossed through my mind. Where do we come from? We were given life and left in this world against our own volition.
Defeat: To live was a process full of pain.

Arrival: In the end, they were bound to life. We existed only to express despair and ire.
Defeat: We will understand life and the soul with our own hands.

Arrival: We constructed a looming tower to return whence we came.
Defeat: There wasn't an answer. We didn't find a single thing we wanted. We only witnessed the death of life itself.

Arrival: The tower is touched by the sky, and it will leave nothing on the earth.
Defeat: Who pays for the suffering and neglect of the lives given to us?

I swear these exist, really. :eng99: We'll see one someday. FINALLY! Vaguely Cthulhu-y things. All of them have strange writing somewhere on them.

Arrival: To gain an understanding of what is incomprehensible, they dream, staring.
Defeat: They complied with nothing in their bid to understand. They simply did so.

Arrival: We could only hear the weakest and faintest of their acts. We sought for love and compassion from them.
Defeat: We cannot understand them, nor will they understand us.

Arrival: We incessantly tried to accept it. We wanted to understand them in our heads by any means, regardless of the consequences.
Defeat: For the sake of not crumbling in on oneself. The idea that they may impossibly exist, or that they are unreachable and forever enigmatic no matter the path. Unacceptable…

The secret fifth color. It's just Sweepers-there are no other ordeals assocciated with this color aside Noon.

Arrival: When night falls in the Backstreets, they will come.
Defeat: When the sun rises anew, not a scrap will remain.