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Part 14: Day 7 - Story

Day 7: Story

Music: story 1

I imagine not losing over 100 of it to meltdowns like the day before yesterday probably helped. :v:

You have proven that you are much more capable than you originally perceived yourself to be.The high echelon is watching you. Our founder, A, is among them.

A. He is a visionary. A farmer who sowed seeds on a virgin soil no one had approached before. In time, he may express interest in meeting you in person. If that happens, you will be able to make your dreams come true.

I think she might be a little biased, you guys. :ssh:

But to be fair, he is the one who created me. He is also an enigmatic person. I imagine there are few who can truly understand him.

Will the day come that I understand you completely?

In summary: We're okay at this job. Angela waxes poetic about how totally super cool and badass and awesome her creator, A, happens to be. This apparently makes him difficult to understand. She questions if she'll understand us completely, but unfortunately the answer is 'probably not' because we try to avoid letting people die. :v:

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

:objection: You can't look at us like we're an idiot, we haven't even said anything yet!

The manager should be no exception. However, the rules state that a Sephirah has no authority to impose penalty points on the manager, so I must let you off for now. I am Yesod, the Sephirah of the Information Team. The Information Team is in charge of processing and archiving all the data of our company. New information is generated every day, and we need to ensure that the information is accurate, so we must concentrate and focus on our job at all times.

Dictionary posted:

-a library.
-a list of books in a catalog, especially for use by a bookseller.

The more you know! :eng101:

A single bit of misinformation could lead to an uncontrollable disaster. I am sure you can understand the gravity of my work. Every sliver of the information that you read contains the despair and desperation of our employees. Please do not think lightly of that information.

You can tell he especially means business this time, because he used a fourth dot.

I have an aversion to exposing any part of my body. I don’t exactly remember when I started feeling this way… But it’s likely that I’ve been this way even before I joined the company.

This is Netzach, the Sephirah of the Safety Team. His uniform would be worth at least 15 penalty points. If all goes to plan, we'll be meeting him properly on day 16 or so.

Netzach, the rules state that we’re not supposed to trade resources between teams. It should be in the very first page of the Sephirah manual.

Alright, alright. Stop giving me that sharp look, Mister “Viper”.


What are you trying to say with that expression of yours? Is this entertaining to you? Does the nickname make you laugh?

The other Sephirot simply use my nickname as a joke. But others use it in a more serious manner. I know there are many employees who genuinely despise me. Nicknames may be a childish thing, but there’s no better way to describe a person in such few words. I personally like my nickname.

>I like the sound of it.


>Doesn’t have a nice ring to it.


Routes Merge Here

I need to finish today’s work. Oh, and I must send you the next assignment.

In summary: Yesod is a no-nonsense Sephirah who is called "The Viper" by others. He's a fan of the name, though he doesn't like it being used to make fun of him. Because data is hugely important in our work he views his job running the Information Team as vital, and he'll probably try to kill us because he's an AI and this is a video game. Also, X is apparently not able to dress himself. :shepface:

Setting that aside, we finally have a new mission!

It is not a hard one.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: a good girl who has done nothing wrong in her life

Bishop? This is a surprise.

The downside of open-door policies, I guess. Do you have a sec?

Of course. What do you need?

Nothing in particular. I was just wondering… did you ever find out what was up with the cameras?

No. All we know is that it was done on purpose.

That's not good. Was anything stolen?

No. Everything's... fine. Seems to just have been a prank. Nothing you need to worry about on your end. What brought this on?

Well, you know. Can't get promoted if the boss can't see how awesome I am in action.

Hah! Confident. I like that. Try not to die out there, okay?

Don't worry. Malkuth's scarier than anything we've got in a containment cell. :v: