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Part 140: Mechanics Talk 14 - Repositories, Retries, and Resets

Mechanics Talk 14: Repositories, Retries, and Resets

Today, we're going to be talking about how each of the reset options work! Most of this stuff is pretty easy to figure out, but it's important to keep the specifics in mind to make sure we don't accidentally lose something when we use one of these methods. Let's get to it.

The first option is Retry, which we've just recently seen in action. The way it works is simple: It rewinds everything to the state it was in just before we press the 'Begin Management' button to start the day. It saves any changes that were made in the preparation screen, and gives back both lost Agents and equipment, but we lose any work we've made on any Abnormality the same day, and any research we've done, gifts we've gotten, or equipment we've made is reset as well. This is the best option if something goes wrong and we want to redo it to keep our stuff-making it by far the most common rewind.

The second option, Rewind to the Memory Repository, returns us to the last Memory Repository made. These are made at the start of days 1, 6, 11, 16, etc. Returning to one will give us back all the Agents we had at that time, in the exact state that they were in at that time. This means that any equipment or placement shuffles, training done, or gifts gained after the memory repository roll back to what they were. If the gear of an Agent is lost (generally by them dying) and is not repurchased before a rewind, that Agent is returned to the default E.G.O weapon/suit. The Repository rewind keeps all of our research and all of our equipment as of the exact moment we hit rewind-we can (and MUCH later, will) get a new Abnormality, fully research it and buy its gear, and then immediately wind time back to the Repository to grab something different.

Because of the Memory Repository, the Abnormality we pick going into days 16, 21, etc is very important-we're effectively stuck with them forever unless we use our next option…

The Day 1 Reset. Unlike the previous two options, this can only be done from the title screen. By selecting First Day, we keep all of our equipment, research, and Abnormality information, but rewind back to the first day. This starts us off with One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds (usually-but let's not talk about that yet. :ssh: ), and lets us begin again from the start. This is a good option if we ever find ourselves in a position where we are unable to continue forward-indeed, it's our only way out of the various death spirals that can kill newer players.

But what if we wanted to reset even harder? Could this be done?


By running our mouse over the Lobotomy Corporation logo, we can see that it changes color. What happens if we click on it?

I'm pretty sure the person who's supposed to be speaking here is Angela. Anyways, this is the full reset option-it deletes all of our save data and starts over from the beginning. Presumably, it also makes Angela frown at us.

Needless to say, we will not be using this.

Those are our reset options. Knowing the differences between Retry and Memory Repository is the most important piece of information to take away from all of this, but having information on all of our options on hand is never a bad things.