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Part 145: Abnormality Roundup 5

Abnormality Roundup 5

Since we're only halfway through Central, there's not a lot of thoughts to have here-but I'm incredibly satisfied with how the facility is pulling together. We've got annoyances, but they're annoyances we can deal with, and that's what counts. One more bird!

All-Around Helper

First off, everyone should take a peek at the full artwork, because it's wonderful. :allears:

Anyways, Helper's a super simple Abnormality. Don't get Normals or Bads, and it'll be fine-and it's got a preferred sweet spot of level 2-3 to get the best results out of Instinct and Justice training. Its breach is easy to handle and simple to trigger, its gear gives 3 suits with decent Red and Black resistance, and overall it's a solid boon to any facility. Not much to say about it, because it's very good.

Judgment Bird

A third of Birdzodia so we need it, Judgment Bird is not really good for any kind of optimized training. Fully half of the Pale damage work Abnormalities in the game, it's risky to work with prior to getting ALEPH/Knight of Despair's gear. For our effort, though, we get amazing gear capable of allowing us to work with any abnormality that shows up with relative safety-0.5 Pale is tied for second-best in the game, and 0.5 is good in every other stat as well. On a more personal note, Judgey here was the first WAW I ever got, way back when I first played through the game. Working it with a 1.5x Pale suits is dicey, but doable, and getting its gear on day 19 or 20 makes for a smooth early game. With a super simple breach requirement and incredibly forgiving Good work thresholds Judgement Bird is a good Bird. :allears:

Warm-Hearted Woodsman

...this guy. This guy. Okay so he's a problem, since working him with anyone who has 3+ Temperance will reduce his QC to 0 and make him unworkable the rest of the day. However, working Attachment will cause our Agent's Temperance to skyrocket at the end of the day, leaving them no longer able to work it the next day. The simple solution would be to work anything else but Attachment, but with only a 45% work rate and a Temperance of ~35 it's a straight 52% chance of success for any other work type to succeed each box. However, it has a Bad threshold of 0-8, and a total PE box number of 18, so if our luck is slightly worse than average we wind up with 8 or less and our workday with it is done. Its full observation bonus will add +8% to that and brings it up to a safer 60%, but to get that we have to hit observation level 4, which means we'll have been working with it already-the smart play would be to just dedicate one Agent to getting everything via Attachment, and then having a second guy show up to work it with something else whenever it melts down from then on.

Overall it's frustrating to handle, and the one upside to it is that it gives 3 decent suits of HE armor, alongside 2 decent weapons. I wouldn't have picked it if it was against better abnormalities, but this is another one of those 'best of a bad situation' picks.

Backward Clock

Backward Clock is a sort of Godzilla Threshold with limits on what it can deal with. It clears all meltdowns in our facility, and suppresses most threats, with the most pressing immunities being Midnight Ordeals and things like Birdzodia-sadly we cannot cheese the oft-hyped superboss by time travelling. Still, we can defeat any Dusk or any combination of Abnormalities breaching from our facility 1/day, no questions asked. It's very simple, and unlike most tools it probably won't kill everyone. Just make sure not to send anything but a level 5 Agent to a fully charged Clock. Trust me.