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Part 149: Welfare Team Bonus Content

Normally this is when we do our Abnormality Roundup for the department, but since we haven't really given any attention to them yet I'm changing things up just a little. Bonus content today, and next time we'll talk about our Abnormalities.

Welfare Team Bonus Content

Team description

mean the lives of our employees.

Clerk/Agent bonuses

This perk works a little differently, so I'll explain it here: Basically, working in Welfare gives an additional multiplier that reduces any damage that the Agent takes. At levels 1/2/3 this multiplier is 0.97x/0.94x/0.9x, and the Captain gets a 0.8x multiplier. Since this defensive multiplier stacks with everything else, Welfare Team members tend to be incredibly tanky.

Team armband

Chesed sprite

Chesed past sprite

Story background