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Part 150: Abnormality Roundup 7

Abnormality Roundup 7

Every agent is Level 5 except for Evil Kit, who's hit level 4 yesterday and is well on their way to being as maxed as I want them-their Temperance will never go above 2. We have all three pieces of Birdzodia ahead of when I absolutely need them. Our gear situation is doing as well as it can be, given what we've had to work with this run. We ran through Chesed's missions while handling the first handful of Core Suppressions, and it proved to be significantly less trouble than I thought they'd be.

We're doing well. Too well, honestly, and it worries me because now I'm concerned that this luck can't hold out. Something's got to give-though I'm hoping that it won't because I would love to have an easy endgame.

We'll be adding on 3 new Agents with the new department, so I'll need to focus on maxing out the Agents we have and training up the new guys for the next five days. It shouldn't be too much trouble, and that is exactly what worries me. We have to remember that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

The Little Prince

If The Little Prince didn't have those absolutely maddening rules to keep track of when working with it, it would be the perfect Abnormality. Its worst work rate is 40% in Instinct, which is still paradoxically pretty good for training Fortitude, its Black damage makes it good at training any stat, and it's got Repression as one of its highest work types. On paper, it's amazing! It's just that in practice it may not be worth using due to the complexity of remembering when to do Insight and to trade off works with other Abnormalities. Despite this, it's still an absolute must-take due to its E.G.O weapon-the Spore spear.

This weapon is the White damage booster, damage boosters being a series of three WAW weapons which each have a 25% chance per hit of adding a 1.5x multiplier to all the damage of a specific type dealt for 3 seconds. We get 3 spears from The Little Prince (versus 2 of the Red weapon or 1 of the Black weapon), and they attack faster than the other weapons by a large margin as well-making it fairly easily the best of the trio. It's not for everyone, but since the weapon makes it a must-take I recommend playing around with it the first time to see if the training potential outweighs the complexity-even if for me it really doesn't.

The Dreaming Current

In a word: Meh! In several words: Those work numbers are incredible but it deals only White damage, so it's an easy to handle Abnormality that in return doesn't give us the damage modifiers we need to have really good training sessions with it. It's got a ranged White weapon, which can be useful-but it's the worst weapon in the entire WAW tier in terms of damage. It also gives us a lot of suits, but the suits are a slightly worse Hornet, making them second-string even among WAW gear. In return for being incredibly lackluster, it's also never going to break out unless we miss a meltdown on it or something similar to that. I hope to show off its breakout at some point, but… we'll have to see since right now we do not have any Agents capable of making it breach. Altogether, it's a very safe Abnormality pick for almost any facility-and the rewards it gives are lackluster enough to match.

Dimensional Refraction Variant

DRV has two duties in a facility. The first is fairly obvious: maxing out an Agent's Insight at ludicrous speeds. The second is less so: its breach is easy to trigger and on the easier side of WAWs to deal with, making it helpful for dealing with missions where we need to beat up Abnormalities. It doesn't grant a suit, but its weapon is a very reliable source of White damage and combos nicely with our Spore spears. For what we have coming up, we want as many good sources of White damage as possible-this fits the bill nicely. Overall, it's a good addition to any facility and I can't wait to show what happens when it breaks out and runs wild on the facility.

Shelter from the 27th of March

Ahh, Shelter-what else is there to say that hasn't already been said? Remember to stay out of it or it will ruin your day with mysterious Abnormality releases. It's that simple. With Abnormalities like this one and Yang where forgetting to deactivate them can lead to retries, I find it best to keep it on the screen and dedicate my attention to them until I've seen them start up, and then immediately have the work end/the tool return. It's not a very good Abnormality overall, but there are enough shenanigans we can get up to with it to make it worth picking.