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Part 159: Briah Roundup

Briah Roundup

This is a little post to cover a couple things I forgot throughout the Briah suppressions.

First off, Gebura's attack dialogue. She has a lot of lines for her attacks, so let's go through them.

Phase 1 posted:

When using Red Eyes:
Red Eyes

When using Penitence:

When using both at once:
Get blown to pieces

When using Road of Gold:
The Road of Gold opens

Phase 2 posted:

When using Mimicry:
Nothing will remain

I’ll mow you down

When using Da Capo:
From the Overture

Adagio e Tranquillo

When using Heaven:
The Burrowing Heaven

When traveling between departments,
Throwing Da Capo:

Let’s do this, partner

Only bloody mist remains

Throwing weapons on phase change:
This isn’t enough

Phase 3 posted:

Summoning Smile:
I wasn’t slacking off all this time

When using Smile:
Black Laughter

Be eaten

When using Justita:


Heaven/Road of Gold quotes are the same

Destroying Smile on phase change:
Let’s put an end to this

Phase 4 posted:

Drawing Twilight on phase change:
The apocalypse is here…

When running past an employee:
Beat it, coward

Don’t try and stop me

You’re weak

When using Red Mist:
Be torn apart before my eyes

When using Road of King:
The hunt begins

The Road of the King opens

When staggered:
I’m just not as capable as I used to be...

I’ll break it down…

I’ll kill all of you…

I can’t stop…

It just isn’t enough…

She also has a second defeat line, this one shows up over her sprite instead of big on screen like the usual one:
Even after all this, I can’t do a single thing with this power…

Second, the rest of the custom quotes from Myo when the Rabbits are called during Gebura's suppression:

Rabbit Team posted:

50% of Rabbit Team eliminated
Got half of the Rabbits eliminated. Still have some skills left in you, huh?

80% of Rabbit Team eliminated
80% dead by her hand. She puts up a tough fight, what a monster. Though she’s still not nearly as good as she used to be.

Rabbit Team wiped out
The Red Mist… Oh, I’ll tear you a new one with my own hands someday…

Lastly, there's the sprites for Tiphereth, Chesed, and Gebura's pasts. I forgot them before, so I'll put them here:

Lisa sprite

Enoch sprite

Tiphereth robot sprite

Tiphereth robot sprite

Daniel sprite

Chesed robot sprite

Kali sprite

Gebura robot sprite

Myo sprite