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Part 16: Day 8 - Story

Day 8: Story

Music: story 2

What would you do if one of your subordinates… Who is harvesting energy from an Abnormality to meet the quota… Shall face certain death doing so?

I wonder which one she thinks is the right answer, you guys. :geno:

>We must continue producing energy.

However, it comes very close. The truest answer would be “to harvest enough energy before such a situation could arise.”

That wasn't one of the answers! :argh:

Lobotomy Corporation is an industry giant, and its mission to produce energy is our top priority. You do seem to listen to my words.

I literally just talked about why I can't afford to do that. :colbert:


>I’ll save the employee.

The manager's role is to oversee energy production, and that only. You are not here to take care of the employees.

Lobotomy Corporation is an industry giant, and its mission to produce energy is our top priority. It was such a simple question for me, however, mayhaps not for you. If I were human…

Is what I would have said. Please do not worry, I will not make such a statement.


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In summary: Angela wishes to make sure we understand what's really important: energy gathering, even if it kills our agents. Ideally we won't ever be in a position where it matters, but if it ever does: agents are replaceable and must die to grease the wheels of the business. :capitalism:

Music: The 6th Light

Just how incompetent do we seem, if 'doing four instinct works' is beyond expectations? :raise:

Allow me to explain your next—

How many times has it been now?

Shouldn’t you… be at your team’s side? It looked super depressing over there.

Accidents happen. I want them to understand that it’s not a big fuss. Dwelling on it only encourages them to cry more, and it will eventually tire them out.

Perhaps your aim is different from mine, then. I see no point in being sentimental. Caring too much about the respect of employees or the little complaints they make will steer you away from what’s truly important.

Well, I’m just saying… I guess there’s no right answer, is there? We’re both busy, so I’ll see you later!

>Yes, you should.

Do you think it’s realistic for you to show up in every department every single time an accident occurs? You, the man who spends the whole day incessantly watching employees die through that shiny monitor of yours?

...oof. :(

Such shallow sympathy does no good in the corporation, so I urge you to be rid of it.


>No, it’s not a necessity.

We're not the ones whose lives are on the line. We don’t live with the risk of every moment possibly being the last. Nor are we always so close to death’s touch as to not have any attachment to life or worldly values. I disagree with the way Hod copes with it. She just seeks to comfort her own mind and turns a blind eye to reality.

:monocle: My god. That's the most sensible thing we've heard since we got here. You might be alright, Yesod.


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In summary: Yesod and Hod disagree with how to deal with employee deaths. Hod thinks that he should say something to try and raise morale, but Yesod thinks that's a waste of time he could spend on avoiding more deaths in the future.

That aside, let's take a look at our new mission!

It's another easy one, just have to remember not to end the day too early on accident.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: One of the most terrifying Abnormalities in the entire game.

Ah, before you go Yesod?


You'd be the one in charge of holding on to application records, right?

That's correct.

Cool. Forward all the resumes we've received for all positions in the past 60 days to my desk.

That could take some time, Manager. Is there anything specific you're looking for?

...Nah. Just want to see who we have available to hire. You don't need to arrange anything, just forward it all in bulk.

I understand. I'll have a clerk bring the documents over right away.

Try to keep them away from any falling wrenches, okay? :v:

That's not funny, manager. :geno:

Er. Right. Sorry.