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Part 161: BCP 7 - CENSORED

X-394 is a big facility, full of mysterious creatures known as Abnormalities. Many of these Abnormalities can do very bad things if they're handled improperly, and it's vitally important that our agents know just what may happen if they're careless. What's a manager to do?

Episode 7: CENSORED

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Hi! I'm Paul! Just your everyday plucky employee of Lobotomy Cobotomy, here today to talk about CENSORED!

CENSORED is a difficult Abnormality to explain with words, so today we're going to be focusing solely on its effects.

That way, nobody involved will go insane from the knowledge of its terrifying form!

CENSORED has a number of unique abilities, so it's important that we discuss each of them.

Oh boy! Does that mean I get another posse?

It sure does, Paul!

There's nothing better than teamwork! What are we going to test first?

The Sacrifice work type, of course! This work type is the only way to increase CENSORED's Qliphoth Counter.

Since a high QC is important, work like this should come in handy from time to time! But how does this work, Miss Hod?

That's simple! The manager just has to click on the circle to start the roulette wheel spinning.

Wow! How user friendly!

The wheel spins 'round and 'round, until it selects a lucky winner…

Music: Roulette Fanfare

The roulette has spoken! Congratulations, Sinner!

The employee in question will report to CENSORED's containment cell to work with it.

The work type must be really fun if there's a whole roulette to make it happen, right?

Oh, Paul... I wouldn't be so sure about that, now.

I guess they do look pretty nervous, huh?

The work is called Sacrifice. They're giving themselves over for the greater good!

Gee golly, I'd be pretty nervous about that too! It's a lot of pressure to put on one agent!

Let's see what happens when they reach the cell, shall we?

I can't wait!

Cacophonous counters, Miss Hod, that QC didn't go up at all!

That's because CENSORED has a maximum possible Qliphoth Counter of 2. Sacrifice work done right now is completely pointless!

So their death was completely in vain! Wowie, that's sure a big oops!

Now, let's see what happens when an agent below rank 5 is sent to work with the Abnormality. Paul?

Don't you worry, Miss Hod! I've got this!

Woah nelly! It seems like I don't have it! I don't have it so hard the whole interface glitched out!

That's right, Paul. Whenever an agent below level 5 sets eye on CENSORED, the experience instantly overwhelms them and causes a panic.

I can't wait until I'm good enough to become one of those level 5 agents!

Well, that won't be happening today. CENSORED's on the loose.

On the loose? But how, Miss Hod?!

Oh, Paul. Remember CENSORED's work requirements? How can you decrease its Qliphoth Counter?

Well, whenever an agent panics it goes down by one, so it goes down by one…

Yes, and..?

And… and when a work result is Bad, it goes down by one! Right?

Very good! So if both happen at once…

Then it goes down by one… plus one! Gee golly, that's two!

Exactly! This is why it's vital to not send any unprepared agents to see CENSORED.

Well then, Miss Hod, what does CENSORED DO when it's breaching?

Well, as it turns out we have the perfect test subject right on hand! Let's see what happens.

Yowie wowie! Now I'm a CENSORED!

That's right! Anyone killed by CENSORED will become a spawn, a slightly less terrifying form of the original. It can do something similar when passing over a dead body.

Oh man, it made even more CENSORED!

This technique heals it for 300 HP, and also creates further CENSORED spawn to deal with.

Good thing we brought a whole team to deal with them!

Let's go, team!

I wouldn't be rooting for them if I were you.

Oh no! He's gone berzerk!

CENSORED can instantly panic any agents below level 5 outside the cell, just the same as inside.

So that means that we have to send level 5 agents, right?

That's right, Paul. Anyone else is just going to panic and become more food to make another CENSORED spawn from.

Well, now we know all about CENSORED. What do the spawn do?

Not very much, but they're still quite unsettling to look at. A level 4 agent will be Hopeless when looking at them, and a level 5 agent will still be Terrified. That means they'll lose 30% of their maximum SP immediately.

But wait, Miss Hod! There's gotta be at least four spawn in there! Plus CENSORED's 60%, that means… 180% SP damage from fear!

That's right, Paul! A level 5 agent can't enter a room with CENSORED and two spawn, or else it'll overcome even their hardened minds.

Then does that mean this situation is completely unsalvageable?

Only for a normal worker like you. Luckily, the Manager does have one trick up his sleeve.

Cantankerous coneys, it's the Rabbit team! They're taking care of all the CENSORED!

That's right, kid. Us Rabbits, we don't have things like 'fear.' Sights like this are just basic training to us.

You're amazing, Miss Myo!

As you can see, it doesn't take long at all for the Rabbits to put down even a situation as out of control as this! CENSORED is actually not very strong, once its main mode of attack is neutralized.

It's just a case of using the right tools for the job. Well, call us anytime there's a field to graze.

Gee golly, R Corporation sure is awesome! We should definitely be using them whenever the situation calls for it!

That's right, Paul! Well, that's all the time we have today. Thanks for joining us! And remember…

Knowledge is just pain plus observation! Have a great day!

This segment paid for in part by R Corporation. R Corp: Hatching creative solutions to battlefield logistics.