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Part 162: Abnormality Roundup 10

Abnormality Roundup 10

So I'm gonna be frank here: We're going to have to deal with some problems here in the near future. The last two Core Suppressions are easily the hardest in the game, and they throw some curveballs at us that are problematic to handle. Luckily, our facility is equal to the challenge. At this point, I have almost all of my favorite E.G.O gear ready to go-there's only a couple of extra things I'd want to flesh out the collection. Gebura's suppression has done wonders for our gear loadout, and I'm at the point where I'm considering adding in more Agents for endgame. We probably won't need a whole army of 55, but it might be good to have the option available. I'll see where our LOB is at in a few days.

Anyways, we're going to have to face Hokma and Binah and we're probably going to kick the snot out of them. Make sure to save this quote for later so that everyone can make fun of me when my retry count goes up to 16 or 20 or whatever.

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor has solid middle-of-the-road success rates across the board, and even Instinct is a 40% everywhere. Being a ZAYIN and having no gear makes it pointless for training or farming, so we should only take it if we're really interested in seeing what comes after midnight, or if we really want the E.G.O gift.

The King of Greed

Maybe it's just because I usually think the yellow magical girl is the best on the team, but I honestly really like King of Greed. She's temperamental, but her low breach conditions make her easy to let out when you need her, and her ability to clean corpses and remove hallway threats is worthwhile. The main downside is that she'll breach when we don't want her to as well-and it can be a pain to track her down since she teleports all over the place. Her weapon is the second-most damaging in the game, and given that the #1 is Twilight, that's not a bad place to be-and her suit isn't terrible either. In addition to that she's one of the best Instinct trainers in the game, and her E.G.O gift is one which boosts Instinct success rates, and is on a slot which is only used by 1 other Abnormality at all.

There's very few reasons not to take her at least once and see if she suits your playstyle. In the worst case scenario, she'll provide some powerful gear for later on.


Counterintuitively, CENSORED is amazing at training any Agent that's hit Level 5 but is lacking in Prudence. Since the Smile and Adoration suits both require Temperance, it's simple to put them into one of them and reap the rewards of a huge damage modifier from an ALEPH with a relatively safe work-after including the observation bonus a level 3 Prudence Agent will have a base 76% work rate, and with 100 Temperance that becomes a 95% success rate. It can be a problem if it breaches, but this shouldn't happen so long as we aren't completely careless. Its E.G.O weapon is an amazing defensive tool, as its 40% reduction in damage taken applies to any source of damage-including fear. This means any Agent with it in hand will run into no problems with any work they have to do that day, since a 40% refund on the damage they take will keep things manageable against all but the absolute worst types of work.

Worth grabbing just for the weapon alone, but it's easy to suppress for Gebura's mission and a good trainer besides. I'm almost sad it won't be coming to endgame with us.

Notes from a Crazed Researcher

+20 to Temperance, and the Agent instantly explodes if they take 60+ damage, or if they put it back without working anything.

I don't really know what to say about this one. It's boring, and the explosion effect makes it the bad kind of boring where we can't even equip it and forget it like Heart or Behavior Adjustment. The +4% success rate is nice, and it's possible to reset the damage counter by returning it after each work… but that's a lot of micromanagement for very minimal gains. There are worse tools, I guess. :effort: