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Part 165: Atziluth Roundup

Atziluth Roundup

Much like Gebura, Binah is a very chatty lady. She's got a lot of in-combat dialogue, so I'll go through it here.

Phase 1 posted:

When preparing Fairy:

Heed my words, Fairies.

Analyze. Compress. Expand.

Firing Fairy:
Do not dare to stand before me.

When preparing Pillar:
Condensing the Key.



Firing Pillar:
Wreak havoc.

Come on out.


Spawning Spikes/Meltdowns:



Successfully working Meltdowns of Gold:
The sandman calls me.

You failed to bend my back.

Successfully working Meltdowns of Dark Fog:
I’m fading.

You missed the opportunity.

Phase 2 posted:

Successfully working Meltdowns of Waves:
The waves will rock the shore again.

You cannot stop the torrent of this world alone.

Phase 3 posted:

When attempting to pause:
You cannot stop the grand current with just those hands of yours.

I want you to finish me with your own power.

When summoning Pillars:
I’ll open the door if I must.

Let us sink here together.

Successfully working Meltdowns of Pillars:

Your immaturity is to blame.

And of course, the Rabbits have some special dialogue for her as well. Here's the rest of it:

Rabbit Team posted:

50% of Rabbit Team eliminated
Guess she isn’t a real Arbiter after all. But she does seem to be using some Singularities?

80% of Rabbit Team eliminated
Fairy and Key, what annoying powers… And they’re weakened too!

Rabbit Team wiped out
I’m sure you were aware things would go this way. We’re pulling out now.

I actually have more to say about the middle line, "Fairy and Key, what annoying powers." One of the game's translators, Casual Watson, actually mentioned this line on the discord and had this to say about it:

Casual Watson posted:

[T]he one attack “Fairy and Key” is a mini mistake since we didn’t have context at the time. Fairy and Key are the same thing, there shouldn’t be an “and” there.

So Fairy and Key are the same Singularity, and should be Fairy Key or Key Fairy or something like that. Currently we don't know how many of her attacks are Fairy, but they could all be or they could be other ones that aren't directly mentioned. :iiam: Arbiters, man. They have all the cool stuff.

Records Team Bonus Content

Team description

Clerk/Agent bonuses

Captain bonus: +6 All Stats

Team armband

Hokma sprite

Benjamin sprite

Hokma robot sprite

Story background

Extraction Team Bonus Content

Team description

Clerk/Agent bonuses

Extraction is Welfare and Disciplinary rolled up into one. It has the same bonus progression as both of those departments at each level, but at the same time. :iia:

Team armband

Binah sprite

Binah robot sprite

Story background