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Part 167: Mechanics Talk 17 - White Ordeals

Mechanics Talk 17: White Ordeals

For obvious reasons these can't go into the normal Ordeal post, so they'll get their own entry here.

Dawn: A Request

Selects one Fixer at random from the Red, White, and Black Fixers, and spawns it somewhere in the facility.

Arrival: From meaningless errands, to exploration, to contract killing; they will do whatever you wish, so long as you pay them sufficiently.
Defeat: They work in the Offices, Syndicates, and the Wings. Their tasks vary from banal things to something truly sublime.

Noon: Armaments

The two remaining Fixers of Red, White, and Black which were not selected during the Dawn are spawned somewhere in the facility.

Arrival: They search constantly, be it for the Backers of the Wings, the Inventions of the Backstreets, the Reliques of the Outskirts, the Artefacts of the Ruins…
Defeat: As they have always done, they will overcome all that impedes them, weapons in hand.

Dusk: The Fixers

Spawns one of each Fixer somewhere in the facility.

Arrival: The colossal tower of light was titled The Library. It is only natural for the Fixers to be drawn to such a mystic place of life and death.
Defeat: Bookhunters… One day they will rummage through The Library reigned over by the Pale Librarian. They are what shall become of the Fixers.

Fixer Stats

Midnight:The Claw

Arrival: To know and manipulate all the secrets of the world; that is the privilege of the Head, the Eye, and the Claws. It is their honor and absolute power.
Defeat: No one dares to stand against them. As long as they exist, the tale of the Nest will never reach its close.