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Part 168: Day 47 - Supplemental

Day 47: Supplemental

Facility X-394, Day 47, 1st Attempt

Music: Red Dots

Be overwhelmed by my despair… my rage.

In a minute, I've got Abnormalities to work with. rude. :mad:

Hm… Well it doesn't seem particularly dangerous. Let's have the captain give things a go. She needs to do something at some point anyways.

...Huh. I don't feel like it likes me very much.

...The hell just happened? It lost its hair?

It's not the only one, boss. Maybe have someone else give it a try. From outside the department.

Right… Let's have Robin work it. She's in Records, she must have read something about this.

...Seems like I'm bald now, too.

It's not just you.


All of Records is bald now.

Even the clerks! Just a shine and then, bam, bald!

Let me guess: Mysterious ball, half-black, with a symbol underneath. You just worked it twice?

Oh, good, you know about it.

Yeah. It's fine as long as you send bald agents to work with it. Just make sure not to send a third person with hair, or else things get bad. bad?

:sigh: You already sent someone, didn't you.

...maybe a little?

Nameless one, what have you done?!

GAH! What's that light?!



They're all bald!

Here too..!

And here..!

What the hell?! Is there hair left on anyone's head?!

My god… there's no one left. No one who isn't bald…

I've… let everyone down.

My hair is…

It's gone. All of our hair is gone.

I can't take it. I spent months figuring out just how to make it fluff the way I liked! I can't live like this!

You're going to have to. That suit makes you pretty much unkillable unless something just lops your head right off.

Lops it off… Attachment work! You're brilliant, Evil Kit!


Free….. dom……….

Oh, geez… Hey, Abel. Do you mind if we..?

I shall allow it on one condition: that we never speak of this again.

Sounds great to me. Hey, Talow?

I'm already over this stupid day. Just do your thing and I'll do mine.

Right. Got it. See everyone in twenty minutes ago.

Remember: Only work You're Bald… with bald Agents! Not doing so can be disastrous. This PSA brought to you by Hair Club for Agents.

With thanks to mizure for some extra spritework.