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Part 170: Day 48 Extra + Ending B

Day 48 Extra + Ending B

To start with, day 48 has a couple of unused lines during its story portion. The first comes right after we open the second door, right after this:

Cut content posted:

My eyes began to soak with red as I realized that hers would never open again.

The second is while Carmen is speaking to us lying in the grass. There's an extra line pair of lines after the ellipses here, before she tells us we'll endure through it:

We humans have weak hearts. One crack and it will easily crumble. I am no exception to this, but you… You’ll endure through it.

Cut content posted:

You’re not the same as the rest of us, right? No matter how cruel this world may get…

Secondly, we haven't seen all of Abram's text for day 48. If we push on after Gebura, he does get new text. I'll put it here:

Level 8 posted:

You will never escape your guilt if you stay that way. You will curse your existence, and every single day will be painful.

Carmen left without a smile, never to come back to nap under the warm sun.

You have to let it all go, you don’t even have the strength to grip onto anything…

The things I’ve let go have drifted too far for me to take up into my hands again.

Why must I be abandoned by the world, alone like this?

Level 9 posted:

Yes, there was only a path of despair in the sky she often looked up to.

Desire is void and meaningless. Can’t you hear it? The doors are closing, and they will not open again.

I’m perfectly fine with my life expiring here and now. Only stigma awaits those who cannot overcome the trial.

It was my duty to protect my coworkers, my friends… but I couldn’t save even a single one of them.

Level 10 posted:

The scene, the air, the pain of that day… It all comes back no matter how many times I try to void it from my mind. Tell me, how do I escape from this?

Do we really deserve to persist in existing? Meanwhile as we step on all those sacrifices?

Let us sleep peacefully… Let us sink and flow to the bottom of the river with Carmen. She must have been lonely for such a long time…

Finally, there's what happens if we lose the day or haven't cleared the Middle Layer's suppressions.

Ending B

Music: Here Together

Seems you finally accepted it. You and I, we’re failures.

This opening is only for failing the questions, of course.

Game Over posted:

......I thought you might have had a different outcome, seeing as you found the answers. Yet even you failed. It must mean that failure is an inevitable cycle for us, then.

As before, this is the only difference in this scene.

Even though we’re failures, we managed to achieve at least one thing. We’ll be able to see… Carmen again like this. Although we can’t take a nap, lying in the field under the warm sun like we used to…

Don’t worry, she’ll understand. She’ll tell you that even though you couldn’t make it to the end, you did a good job getting here at least. You’ll have eternal rest with her. We should have just listened to Benjamin in the first place…


Carmen is our sun, so it doesn’t matter if we stay underground forever.

We get a transition into this image, and when we click…

We get sirens and klaxons and a pulsing red tint for the remainder of the scene.

Let us sink now, Carmen. I know you can’t hear my voice… But I don’t care.

I hope that I’m with you when I open my eyes again someday.

Once the screen goes black, we hear a door shutting and then get kicked back to the title screen.

Ending B is much more final than Ending A was. Abram opts to destroy the facility and put a stop to the entire plan in order to atone, and as a result we see our first actual Fourth Trumpet.