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Part 171: Day 49 Extra + Ending C

Day 49 Extra + Ending C

Adam is a very chatty boy, and he has more dialogue for if we press on and avoid dealing with the Arbiter! I'll put it here before we move on to the main event.

Level 8 posted:

People are too ignorant to see what is occurring in the world above them. However, ignorance is not a sin. Disbelief is.

Humanity had to give up on freedom and desire for survival, but do you think those are truly gone? No, they merely have been waiting for the chance to rise again.

The desires humanity has forsaken are floating deep under the stream. People shall be forever isolated from themselves and will never be free if they stay this way.

They thirst for pure desires. We shall fill their glasses with the juice and wine of the forbidden fruit.

Level 9 posted:

Freedom is a necessity for one to be truly human.

The sky shall fall, and mankind shall become holy. They will reach their promised glory as they change in the blink of an eye.

I know that you are not certain of what lies ahead for you. The future you yearn for may never come. I can show a proper future to you instead, right before your eyes.

Let go of your fear and gain true freedom. Doing so will also cure the disease she tried to heal.

Level 10 posted:

Can you not hear the trumpets...?

How shameful. Do you truly want to let people suffocate, trapped away in their skin?!

They are moaning in agony, even as we speak. Why can you not hear them?

Just one bite of this sweet fruit will redeem them, all of them!

Now then... let's get to the main event, shall we?

Ending C

Music: Vast Landscape

The game over text actually lasts a little longer than this single line.

Game Over posted:

Do you wish to know why it has come to this? It is due to your lack of self faith. Faithless actions only result in a dreadful death.

He just has to rub it in.

You are me, and I am you. I am the only one of us who realized the one truth, and stood atop the world itself. I am the you who shall leave the paths I walked once, and choose to join the world she truly wanted to create. And you and I, we shall be the us who can do whatever we imagine from now on.

The screen shakes during this portion.

Witness how this loss-ridden world is perfected by us. The foolish god named rationality ruled over this world until this moment. No, to call it a god is an overstatement. It is simply a tragic illusion. We shall drag it down from the heavens with our own hands and open everyone’s eyes to the truth. Yes, the world Carmen yearned for will soon unravel before your eyes.

From here, there's the sounds of panic and screaming in addition to the music.

Let us create this paradise, you and I. Even the Head and the Eye are merely human. They cannot stop those of us who have accepted the truth. You know that everything we witnessed in this land is only a shadow, and that you never saw the truth until now.

Those abandoned, those who hold power, those with wealth, those who remain hopeful, all of them. The tree of humanity will reach the root of this world. Again, behold.

Then we return to the title screen. So, that's Ending C. Adam unleashes his plan to turn everyone into monsters. This is a textbook example of a 6th Trumpet-the devs have clarified in interviews that the Head would be able to clean all of this up eventually, but in the meanwhile Lobotomy Corporation is definitely done for.

Poor Adam. Even when he wins, he can't really win. :(