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Part 174: Tutorial + Bunny

Tutorial + Bunny

Lobotomy Corporation's Tutorial is a 3-part affair that tells us how the game's controls work, and it can be accessed from the main menu at any time. After sitting down and getting it all recorded, I decided the best way to deal with it would be to make a video of the thing-otherwise we'd have roughly 120 screenshots of tutorial with nothing in the middle.

VIDEO: Tutorial

The Abnormality we deal with in the Tutorial is completely unique to it: Abnormality 0-00-00, Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit. I stitched together images from the tutorial to get a full (albeit mostly darkened) Abnormality page for it, and grabbed its story as well. Both are here:

The Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit's appearance is actually a reference to the way Agents looked in early builds of Lobotomy Corporation, specifically this early trailer from Project Moon.

If you flip the guy in it upside down and put him in a bodybag…

It bears a pretty neat resemblance! It turns out that L Corporation can even find a continued use for its obsolete employees. :lobcorp: