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Part 175: Sephirot + Rabbit Dialogues

Sephirot + Rabbit Dialogues

Because of how I played through Lobotomy Corporation, there wound up being a lot of Sephirot heads-up dialogue that we never got to see. In addition, the Rabbits are quite chatty and I'd like to put Myo's normal text somewhere around as well. So this is a post for all of that.


Myo posted:

On calling the Rabbits:
Just leave it to the Rabbits.

The Rabbits have come to graze the grass.

Hippity hop~ It’s time for the Rabbits to graze some fresh grass.

On losing 50% of Rabbits:
Half of the Rabbits have returned to the grasslands.

Half of the Rabbit Team’s Wiped Out:. Not gonna lie, the monsters in this place are a goddamn nuisance.

Welp, that half of the Rabbits was ready to die. This amount of death is mostly seen in missions exploring the Outskirts or clearing through the Ruins.

On losing 80% of the Rabbits:
80% forever out of commission. Missions in the Outskirts would be more profitable than this.

80% of my Rabbit Team gone for good. Who was the madman that thought keeping these monsters in the city instead of beyond the Outskirts was a good idea?

On all Rabbits being killed:
All the Rabbits are Wiped Out:. Sigh… Good luck with the rest of the situation.

The whole Rabbit Team has returned to the grasslands. This mission has failed.

They’re all dead. I’d rather take on expeditions to the Outskirts or the Ruins than be involved in this place.

On successful suppression:
Thank you for the meal, it was satisfying.

Call us again sometime, all we need is some grass.

If I could, I would have participated directly myself.

The mission is complete. We’ll now forget everything that has occurred here.

Rabbits posted:

On warping in:
The Rabbits have come to graze the grass.

Commencing assignment.

Uproot the field.

Gnaw it all away.

On engaging a Clerk:
How unlucky you must be.

You’re forsaken by this company.

Another to purify.

On engaging an Agent:
Even if you wield a fancy weapon, it will be just grass to the Rabbits.

You and I are fundamentally different.

At least your weapon seems useful.

Another to eliminate.

Seems you have some good equipment.

On engaging a TETH:
Risk level low.

Removing target immediately.

This is barely a warm-up.

On engaging a HE:
Risk level moderate.

Just like dealing with those kids from the Backstreets.

What weird monsters.

There are tons of creatures like this scattered around in the Ruins.

We could work up a bit of sweat with this one.

On engaging a WAW:
Risk level high.

It’s been a while since we fought a target as dangerous as this.

Did they bring these things from the Outskirts or something?

Why not use these things in the Wing Wars?

God, this place is crazy.

On engaging an ALEPH:
Maximum risk level.

Just what the hell is this place?

I don’t think something like this can be handled by just us Rabbits alone.

They’re mad to use beings from beyond the Outskirts.

I thought these kinds of freaks were only seen in the depths of the Ruins.

On Panicking (Remember that Rabbits die when they would panic):
Maximum mental corruption reached. Commencing automatic disposal.

Automatic disposal to eliminate all human risk.

On successful suppression:
Mission has been completed.

We return now.

There’s no more grass to eat.

What a rough meal.

Sephirot heads-up quotes

Malkuth posted:

On Agent Panic:
Manager! [Agent]’s gone mad, please handle them soon!

I suppose [Agent]’s mind was weaker than I evaluated, please take care of them quickly!

Manager, [Agent] is currently panicking. Please deal with them quickly.

Maybe it’s not just [Agent]’s fault for going mad, manager.

On Agent Death:
[Agent] has stopped moving. We’ll need to improve the joint-training programs!

I know [Agent] has died, manager, but please complete your duty!

[Agent] isn’t moving anymore. I’m sure their death wasn’t in vain. We did our best.

[Agent] may have died, but I know you can finish the day, manager.

On Breach:
[Abnormality] has escaped its Containment Unit. What are your orders?

Manager, [Abnormality] has broken out. Can you dispatch some Agents to deal with it?

Once you confirm that [Abnormality] has escaped and handle it accordingly, this place will return to peace.

[Abnormality] has broken out. Everyone, please be careful.

Team Wiped Out:
The Control Team has been Wiped Out:. Did I overestimate your abilities, manager?

The Control Team has been completely annihilated. Are you sure you did your best?

All of the employees from my department have died, manager. I’m certain everyone tried their best.

The Control Team has been annihilated.

Yesod posted:

On Agent Panic:
Manager, [Agent] has lost their mind due to a rapid increase in mental corruption. Please assess the situation with haste before more problems are caused.

My subordinate, [Agent], has gone into a panic due to excessive stress. Please take care of them quickly for the sake of the rest of the workforce.

Manager, please look into [Agent]’s abnormal mental state before they cause more accidents.

[Agent] has gone mad due to their high levels of stress. Please hurry, there may still be time to save them.

On Agent Death:
[Agent] from the Information Department is dead. Please pay more attention to our employees, manager.

[Agent], my subordinate, has died because of your incompetence. Nothing will be able to compensate for the employee’s death.

I have confirmed that [Agent] from my team has died.

[Agent] is dead. It is unfortunate, however, please remind yourself that this place isn’t an ever controllable paradise.

On Breach:
[Abnormality] has escaped its Containment Unit. We must suppress and recontain it as soon as possible.

Were you aware that [Abnormality] escaped from its containment? If not, I must say that your ability as the manager should be called into question.

[Abnormality] has broken out of its Containment Unit. Please suppress it quickly, as always.

[Abnormality] has escaped its Containment Unit. Let’s figure out how to overcome this situation.

Team Wiped Out:
…The Information Team has lost all available personnel, requesting reinforcements.

Clearly your poor judgement is what has led to the total annihilation of the Information Department.

Every employee from the Information Team has died.

Additional reinforcements from other departments are needed. All personnel from the Information Team are dead.

Netzach posted:

On Agent Panic:
Hey, manager? [Agent] from the Safety Team’s gone nuts, can you check them out?

I think [Agent] from Safety is a bit unstable right now. Could you watch ‘em for a bit? Though they’ll probably go insane again anyway…

Manager, [Agent]’s mental state isn’t the best. Please check up on them.

Even if it may be a temporary solution, please check in on [Agent].

On Agent Death:
[Agent]’s died… Looks like the Safety Team wasn’t “safe” after all…

[Agent] from Safety has died… Guess their “safe” life ends here today.

[Agent] is dead now, but I don’t think you should give up just yet, manager.

I think [Agent] deserved to stay in this world more than I do.

On Breach:
You probably want to know that [Abnormality] has escaped… I know it’s tiring, but please try to take care of it quickly.

[Abnormality] broke out. Boy, can we get any more hopeless?

Please pay attention to [Abnormality]. You know what kind of disaster could happen, manager.

[Abnormality] broke out. Please show a bit of effort so not all hope is lost.

Team Wiped Out:
Safety’s been Wiped Out:. If there’s anything you want to say, I can listen.

My team’s been completely beat. I see stuff like this a lot… but I always feel helpless…

All of Safety’s employees are dead… I did see you try your best though, manager.

All my department’s people are dead… I can never get used to this.

Hod posted:

On Agent Panic:
Um… manager? [Agent] from the Training Team is acting weird! Please pay close attention to them!

Hey, manager? [Agent] looks really fragile right now. I hope they’ll recover soon…

Manager, [Agent] from my team seems to be panicking.

[Agent]’s mental state seems very unstable. Please make sure they don’t get any worse.

On Agent Death:
[Agent] has died… Did you see how they looked? I… I saw their desperate expression…

Manager, [Agent] is dead… I knew I should have worked harder…

[Agent] died. I know you might be feeling guilty, but please, don’t give up here.

Manager, [Agent] has died. You and I, we… We tried our best, but we failed…

On Breach:
Manager! Please look into [Abnormality]’s current position! Hurry, many will get hurt!

[Abnormality] has escaped. You've got to suppress it as quickly as you can, manager!

Manager, if we don’t suppress [Abnormality] soon, many of our employees may get hurt.

Um, please take care of [Abnormality].

Team Wiped Out:
A—All of them are dead? That can’t be true… I worked so hard for them…

……I-I couldn’t help them… What do I do…

All of my coworkers are dead…

…I’m going to keep working hard… I won’t give up, even if things like this happen in the future…

Tiphereth posted:

Tiphereth is interesting. The translators left this note in the files:
<!-- Hello, CKC here! The Tiphereths have some duplicate lines, so we've differentiated them just a bit for pre- and post-suppression :)
I checked the original Korean text, and what I found is that the lines that never change are all the ones that Tiphereth B says. Just like how when Tiphereth A is down for suppression B's lines will still play, it appears that successfully suppressing Tiphereth A wasn't supposed to have any effect on Tiphereth B. He never changed, after all.

I don't know where I'm going with any of this, I just find it fascinating. :allears:

On Agent Panic:
Do you even keep your eyes open? Can’t you see that [Agent]’s mental corruption is through the roof?

[Agent] seems to be mentally unwell. You still have time to salvage them if you pay attention right now.

[Agent] from my department has already reached dangerous mental corruption levels.

[Agent] doesn’t look good. You still have time to get them back to normal if you pay attention right now.

On Agent Death:
I didn’t expect you to be worse than the Upper Sephirot. You could have stopped [Agent]’s death if you paid more attention.

[Agent] from the Central Department has died. Seeing such incidents makes me so sad.

[Agent]’s died. Chin up, will you? I still have a lot of expectations for you.

[Agent] from my Central Team has died. Seeing someone pass like that makes me so sad.

On Breach:
Clearly the managers before you handled Abnormalities way better than you. [Abnormality] is on the loose!

[Abnormality] broke out of its Containment Unit. Let’s suppress it before it wreaks havoc.

[Abnormality] has escaped. I believe you can do better than your predecessors

[Abnormality] broke out of its Containment Unit. We’d better go and take care of it before the situation ends up worse.

Team Wiped Out:
They should have made me the manager… The Central Department is no more.

My whole department is gone, I hope you did your best.

The entire Central Team has been annihilated. It’s too soon to give into despair, though. We’ve been through worse.

My whole team is gone, but I still trust that you did your best.

Gebura posted:

On Agent Panic:
Doesn’t it look like [Agent] is in a bad state?

[Agent] has gone mad. Clearly we accidentally allowed a coward into our department.

[Agent] must be going through some mental issues. Hurry and take a look at them.

[Agent]’s gone crazy. I’m sure they fought as hard as they could, right?

On Agent Death:
[Agent] has died. They were a valiant employee.

[Agent]’s dead. Ready to avenge them?

[Agent] has died. They were brave to the very end.

[Agent]’s dead. Don’t let anger over their loss have its way with you.

On Breach:
It’s time to show what we’re made of. [Abnormality] has broken out. Time to teach that damn thing a lesson.

You ready, manager? It's time to take down [Abnormality].

[Abnormality] has escaped! …No need for panic, let’s take a moment to plan our course of action.

Manager, let me know when you’re ready. You know, for handling [Abnormality]’s escape. I’ll be waiting.

Team Wiped Out:
Disciplinary’s employees have been Wiped Out:. They had noble deaths in my department, tragic of course, but I’m sure they tried their best.

All of my department’s employees have been slaughtered. Never forget what happened here today. Next time, show those damned things no mercy.

All the employees on my team have died. Their deaths are noble ones.

My whole team is annihilated. Make sure to remember their faces and their stories.

Chesed posted:

On Agent Panic:
Geez, manager. Do I really have to remind you that [Agent] has gone mad for you to notice?

[Agent] has lost it. Really, you should pay some attention to them.

Hey manager, [Agent]’s sanity doesn’t seem to be in a good spot.

[Agent] seems to be dealing with a mental break. Give ‘em the care they need, manager.

On Agent Death:
[Agent] is dead. You’re paying attention to all this, right?

[Agent] has died… Man, I need another cup of coffee.

[Agent] has died, time to grab some coffee. I’ll be back quick, manager.

[Agent] is dead. Let’s be more careful next time.

On Breach:
Hey manager, [Abnormality] is on the loose right now. Pretty bad stuff will happen if you don’t suppress it soon.

You aren’t taking a nap, are you, manager? [Abnormality] has broken out of its Containment Unit.

Hey manager, [Abnormality] is on the loose right now. Horrible things could happen if you don’t suppress it soon.

Manager? [Abnormality] has escaped its Containment Unit. You should suppress it as quick as you can before it causes irreversible damage.

Team Wiped Out:
Welp, all my competent employees are dead now. How are you going to compensate me for all this?

Geez, how’d you even become the manager in the first place? The whole department is dead. It’s all over.

All of my employees have died. I knew their deaths were bound to happen someday, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Don’t worry about it too hard, manager. I saw you tried your best.

The Lower Layer's Sephirot each only have two lines per category, because they don't actually undergo any changes during their suppressions. Again, it's a really neat attention to detail. :allears:

Binah posted:

On Agent Panic:
The spirit of [Agent] is now lost in the realm of dreams.

The boundary of [Agent] has crumbled. This employee won’t return to us easily.

On Agent Death:
I can hear the thrilling sound of life’s end for [Agent].

[Agent]’s early demise shall become another one of the numerous tombstones of this place.

On Breach:
[Abnormality] has escaped from its Containment Unit and vagabonds through the facility. Perhaps we’ll get to see something interesting for once.

[Abnormality] has left its Containment Unit. Mayhaps it was too small to hold it?

Team Wiped Out:
Ah, silence, one of my best companions. No one remains.

After one’s final breath, only silence lingers.

Hokma posted:

On Agent Panic:
It appears [Agent]’s mental state is unstable.

[Agent] is wandering about, aimlessly searching for the sanity which they have lost.

On Agent Death:
A new employee shall come and replace anew the now deceased [Agent]. The cycle continues.

There is no need to suffer harshly for the loss of [Agent].

On Breach:
[Abnormality] has escaped. I do not wish to see you suffer for the death of your employees.

Death follows the trails of [Abnormality]’s escape. Please be careful.

Team Wiped Out:
That’s okay. If there is another chance for you, use this failure and loss as a stepping stone to do better next time.

There’s no need to cling to them. Now then, let’s try again next time.