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Part 177: Miscellanious Horrible Death Showcase

Miscellaneous Horrible Death Showcase

It's time to cover the remaining negative effects of our facility's Abnormalities. This was all done in Challenge Mode, on day 51. This is going to be in no particular order, so sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the horrible death!

Skin Prophecy

I've mentioned before that Skin Prophecy kills agents on panic, so I shoved Murdoc into the book and then threw them at The Dreaming Current. We'll need people to panic in there to lower its QC, so it's a convenient Abnormality for showing this off.

It's Lovecraftian tentacles, all the way down. :stonk:

Crumbling Armor

Crumbling Armor says that it will kill any Agent working it with a Fortitude of 1.

We test that with an Agent custom-made for it. If I'd been thinking this would be one of the ones submitted for the thread… but I was not thinking, so this is just some random.

Honestly, it's no big loss. The death happens after the work is done instead of at the start of it, but otherwise is identical to the Attachment work death we saw from Twee earlier.

The Dreaming Current

Alright, now for one that has a little more meat to it. The only ways to get The Dreaming Current's QC to lower normally are by working it with a Temperance of 1, or by having an Agent panic in its room. When it does breach, though, it can make a lot of trouble.

When it initially breaches, it rests at the end of a corridor. When it does, several corridors get marked with a strange rainbowy effect.

These hallways cut the speed of any Agent in them by 60% (Thanks MiiNiPaa!). They're also supposed to drain HP and restore SP of the Agents in them, but that's bugged and never happens. :lobcorp: These hallways represent The Dreaming Current's territory. After a few seconds of resting, it starts to move.

It is very fast, so much so that Agents can't really expect to hit it while it's moving.

It also deals 150 Red damage to anything in its path as it charges. This Clerk is incredibly dead.

As it charges, The Dreaming Current will blast through every one of the hallways that it's marked in a random order, until it reaches the other end of its path. Once it hits that end, it pauses, rests for a moment, and charges in the other direction back the way it came. Because of this, there are only two spots in the entire facility where The Dreaming Current is vulnerable.

Suppressing it is basically just a matter of waiting for it to get to one end or the other, and then attacking it.

It doesn't take long, as the drugshark only has a total of 200 HP to burn through.

This concludes The Dreaming Current-it's intimidating up until we see that the places where it stops aren't random, and once we realize that it stops being a real threat.

Warm-Hearted Woodsman

We've seen Woodsman drop to 0 QC a number of times across the LP, but we've never actually worked it while it was at 0 because we knew it would kill someone instantly.

So let's kill someone instantly! :getin:


Woodsman crumples up the Agent sent to work with it, and crams them into the open part of its chest before walking around.

Woodsman has two different attacks, a single slash and a multi-hit combo that deals significant damage. It's actually able to defeat Lightli in single combat, despite their decent Red resistance.

It winds up beating Lightli using its multi-hit Axe attack, which has the effect of destroying the body of the Agent it kills. This is unfortunate, because I was hoping to show off its other ability. Woodsman can pick up corpses and slam them into the cavity on its chest to recover its HP.

Its main weakness is its short range, letting us kite it around with ranged attacks-and for a facility as tough as ours is it can't really do much if it does breach.

The Little Prince

Our little blue mushroom friend has two main abilities. The first happens when someone works on it five times in a row.

The Little Prince reveals its true form, and the Agent inside is transformed into a spore monster.

It fills the hallway with spores that don't do anything, and attacks for Black damage.

Upon its defeat, all Agents in the same room as it get a dark blue spore effect around their head for several seconds-this inflicts low White damage for a period of time. Any Agents panicked by it run for The Little Prince's containment cell to trigger another transformation.

Here's a close-up of the spore monster. Additionally, it can possess a random Agent when its QC hits 0. This possession can be removed by clicking on the Agent multiple times, just like with Parasite Tree.

The Naked Nest

I ran into one major problem when trying to trigger The Naked Nest's negative effect.

Our Agents are too damn beefy! This is the best result I got in my preliminary attempts, and T.Hinman here only has a ~30% chance to become infected. When I say this thing is safe to a developed facility, I mean it. I wind up swapping over to Gaia, who has 30 fewer HP than T.

After two more attempts, we finally get hit by the infection. In this state the infection can spread randomly to other Employees, so a wandering Clerk can easily result in a large number of Employees all getting infected at once. It has a startup time, so if the day is ended during this part the Agent will be alright.

Once they transform, however, it's too late.

The Agent will wander the facility and attack anyone they come across for low Red damage, only ignoring other infected Employees. Unlike most transformations, however, the Agent will still count as an Agent. There's no LOB penalty for ending the day with them like this as it doesn't count as a death (though they still vanish), and they still gain HP/SP from the regenerators.

This also means they count as an Agent for Punishing Bird, so Gaia makes the one mistake you never want to make in this facility.

Even if you're an Abnormality now, Punishing Bird will not take your shit.

Beauty and the Beast

This is a short gif of what happens should we do Repression work Beauty and the Beast twice in a row.

It dies, and the Agent becomes a new one through a horrifying transformation process! Nothing major, really.

Fragment of the Universe

When Fragment of the Universe breaches, its appearance changes slightly. It gains two attacks in this form, a Tentacle attack that deals low Black damage in melee range and a singing attack which deals White damage to an entire room.

Even Dimi can solo it at this point, but it can be troublesome in the very early game.

Behavior Adjustment

Behavior Adjustment's negative effect goes off either when the Agent holding it panics, or when they attempt to return it within 30 seconds of equipping it. The best way to show it off is to have an employee take it out of storage and put it right back.

This may seem cruel, but in my defense we all knew I'd be killing him off at some point this update. :colbert:

When Behavior Adjustment kills someone, they pull out their own eyes and cackle madly until they finally die. It's honestly pretty damn metal.

Heart of Aspiration

Last but not least is Heart of Aspiration, a normally benign Abnormality. It also has an issue if it's returned early-in this case before the holder does any suppression work.

We are going to be having Twee serve as our case study today.

Here's Twee before clicking 'Return' on the Heart's cell.

And right after. Unlike Behavior Adjustment, Heart's panic is instant, and it forces it to be the Murder-type as well. :black101:

Twee immediately goes to work murdering everyone.

And I call in the Rabbits. They're the last, best hope against…

Oh that's… that's not good at all. :ohdear:

Twee wipes out the entire Rabbit Team by herself, which refills her SP gauge thanks to the effect of her Paradise Lost weapon. This breaks the panic, but it also kind of breaks her scripting?

She continues to attack, even without anything to target and with her sanity restored. New bug discovered! :lobcorp:

Issuing an order fixes the problem, so I order her to go back to the Safety main room.

Twee kind of scares me, you guys.

That's all for now-there's still one more Abnormality I need to talk about a little more, but I'll save her for next time.