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Part 178: Queen of Hatred

Queen of Hatred

Despite being a difficult to manage Abnormality, there is one major upside of having Queen of Hatred in our facility-as a Magical Girl who fights to protect love, she is more than willing to help us out in times of crisis. In order to show this off, though, we'll need to manufacture a crisis.

This is a good start, but we're not there yet-we need our danger value to go up to a Second Trumpet, and a single WAW breaching is only 5.45 points of the 50 we need.

Luckily, killing Agents with Execution Bullets will add to our danger value (even if it doesn't set off things like Mountain or Big Bird), so the 9 Agents stacked here will send us to 41.45.

Johnny brings us to 45.45, but wait! There's more!

That death triggers Knight of Despair, for another 5.45, bringing us to 50.9 danger points, enough to activate our Second Trumpet.

Once this happens, the Queen of Hatred breaches-but it's not to add to our troubles.

Instead, she breaks out and joins the fray against whatever Abnormalities are currently causing problems for our facility. She attempts to aid in the suppression, and can be a fairly powerful ally. She has three attacks in this mode, the first being this, a star swipe which deals Black damage.

Her second attack is a finger gun that deals higher Black damage, but takes longer to perform. As for her third attack?

Queen of Hatred's base form can use Arcana Slave, too. :hellyeah:

It's every bit as big as it is when the snake uses it, but this version of the attack won't hurt employees-only threats like Abnormalities or Ordeals. Like the snake's version, it can also power up with time-it doesn't here, though, because King of Greed has moved on.

Also like her snake version, Queen of Hatred needs to rest once she's finished.

When she can't see an opponent, the Queen of Hatred will slowly glide along the hallways before teleporting on top of an adversary to face them.

Here she warps to face down Big Bird and King of Greed, both of whom are in upper Safety. Unfortunately, we rack up one too many casualties before she can properly engage with them.

When we lose 20% or more of the employees left in the facility when she initially breaches, Queen of Hatred will go into her Hysteric mode. During this period we're able to attack and suppress her, and it's a good idea to do so ASAP.

If we don't, then she'll turn into her snake form and act as she does on a normal breach.

That's all the information I have about her unique breach type, but we're not quite done here today. Queen of Hatred is a very chatty Abnormality, and I've put all of her possible lines below, organized by category:

In Containment posted:

What kind of place is this?

Please feel free to call me whenever there’s danger~!

How did I get to this place?

I don’t remember what happened yesterday…

Do you all know about the worth of victory and the beauty of the world?

Tell me if anything bad happens, okay? I know I can help you!

In Containment (Hysteric) posted:

Don’t you need me anymore…?

Why do I exist…?

Please… Stop these voices…

Is it my turn now…?

I hate this silent place. The world I knew wasn’t “peaceful” like this.

I am the chosen one. Who would protect the world besides me?

There’s no light without the darkness, it’s like I’m not even here.

Someone told me that there are no bad guys anymore… Is that true?

On Support Breach posted:

Just leave it to me!

In the name of Love and Justice~ Here comes Magical Girl!

Meeting TETHs posted:

A piece of cake!

Don’t worry~! I’ll help you!

Weak baddies like this are no match for me!

Meeting HEs posted:

Hmph! It’s going to be a bit tough.

I swear I’ll do something!

Meeting WAWs posted:

That one’s as strong as a minor arcana... Is this place filled with villains?

My senpais couldn’t handle this, but I know I can!

Meeting ALEPHs posted:

Everyone, get out of here!

I’ll protect everyone, even if it means I have to die!

It has the strength of a major arcana… And I’m alone in this… But I won’t run away!

When Defeated posted:

I swore I would protect everyone to the end…

Suppression Successful posted:

We did it, everyone!

You can count on me any time!

Driven Hysteric during support breach posted:

It’s too much…

Was everything a lie…?

I wasn’t able to protect anyone like she did…

I’m just like her huh…

Get out of my head…

Is it time for me to pay the price…?

Regular attack posted:

With love!

In the name of justice!

Finger gun attack posted:

Go! Arcana Beats~!


Arcana Slave posted:

Each of the following lines plays in turn during the charge up and attack.

Heed me, thou that are more azure than justice and more crimson than love…

In the name of those buried in destiny…

I shall make this oath to the light.

Mark the hateful beings who stand before us…

Let your strength merge with mine, so that we may deliver the power of love to all…


That sure is a Slayers reference out of nowhere. I love this game. :allears:

Facing King of Greed posted:

I’m sorry, senpai! The only thing I can do is stop your rampage!

On Suppression
Senpai, if I had to face you outside, I’d totally be dead by now…

Facing Knight of Despair posted:

So you’ve been consumed too, senpai… Can this cycle really not be stopped?

On Suppression
Senpai… I know you tried your hardest to hold it back…

That's all for Queen of Hatred, which means we're all done with this facility. It's served us well, but it's time for us to move on.