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Part 179: Mods Info

Mods Info

I've been asked a few times about what mods I'm using and how to make them work, so I figure I should throw together a quick bonus update about the basics of modding and how I use them.

BaseMOD is required for all of these mods. Installing it is easy, just drag and drop the mod file into the appropriate folder, there's a simple walkthrough to explain what to do. From there, all the other mods I use go into the BaseMods folder that this comes with. All the mods I use come from either nexusmods or this document by NEETPenguin (which is itself a very good tutorial). I'll be linking mods either from the document or nexusmods, depending on where I got them from.

The specific mods I've been using are:

Console Unlock - this lets you access the command console, to do a variety of things. A full list can be found here, but most importantly you can give yourself infinite LOB points with standard salmonsushi or just instantly complete any Suppression with standard checkmate. It's great to have on hand for if you would have beaten Hokma but your computer froze up on you and you've spent literally 12 hours on this one fight and just want to move on with your life.

Infinite Re-extractions - For when you absolutely want to get Plague Doctor on day 39. It's simple, but very useful.

Agent Recustomization - Lets you change names and appearances for existing agents on the deployment screen. Seems to cause some shenanigans with things like Plague Doctor's name saves, and also completely overrode my free appearance change mod, but I needed it to stop Kaori from being renamed Aurora for no reason due to a different bug, so :lobcorp: I guess.

Full-Time Employees mod - Lets you keep all your Agents on a day 1 reset. Honestly this just saves me time with having to make Paul again from scratch, because I'm very :effort:

Weapon Texture Fix - Fixes a bug which causes weapons to show a different texture.

Chesed Research Fix - Makes Chesed's 3rd research actually do something, boosting healing from 25 to 40.

Free Change Appearance - Reduces cost of changing appearance of Agents to 0. Overridden by the Recustomization mod.

Gift Effects Fix - This mod fixes the effects of E.G.O Gifts like Justita, which are supposed to give a +% chance to work success rate for certain works but are bugged to only give a much smaller boost to work success rates instead.

More Detailed Information - This one I didn't use, but it's very useful for players who want to see exact success numbers and how much EXP their agents have gained mid-day. It's very highly recommended by the community in general.

For each mod all you need to do is extract the mod file into the BaseMods folder in your Lobotomy Corporation data (this folder shows up when installing BaseMod), and voila. You're ready to go. Please note that the folder and the .dll file inside of it need to have the same name in order to execute properly.