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Part 18: Day 9 - Story

Day 9: Story

Music: story 2

>I'll pick A.

The letter ‘A’ is a fascinating one. My name starts with it as well. Those who choose A are sensitive to the opinions of others about them, and are result-oriented people. As such, they are excellent listeners, and are loved by many. People will flock to them.


>Why not B?

People who choose B are detail-oriented. They are rational, realistic, and honest to their needs, even to the point where others may perceive them as snobs. However, the pursuit of practical interest and the tendency to avoid loss will lead them to success. Personally, I dislike the letter ‘B’.


>C sounds nice.

Alright, the letter ‘C’. Not a bad choice. Persons who select C believe that the process is more important than the outcome. Therefore, they are good at planning ahead and enjoy change. They will be able to gain insight and attain inner growth without being confined by the rules.


Routes Merge Here

There is no scientific basis behind the observations, but it is admittedly a little fun to waste time with these “tests”. You know, maybe I could imagine… Whether I would have been this or that kind of person if I were human.

In summary: We get cosmo quizzed and find out Angela's feelings about a couple of letters. Apparently she hates B. She also likes to think about what she'd be like if she were human, and seems a little self-conscious about it.

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

:v: O… Ox!

:j: Hey, that’s cheating! That’s not a place at all! Doesn’t count.

:j: Oops, I didn’t know you were here, Sephirah Yesod, sir!

:v: Sorry, I know we aren’t supposed to slack during work hours… But he insisted we…

:j: What?! You started it! You wanted to get back at me for last time, remember?

:v: Shut it, you dork!

I just love these two random employees. :allears:

:v: :j: O-Of course, Sephirah, sir! We’re sorry!

Looks like word chaining is starting to become one of the more popular pastimes here again. Do you happen to enjoy word chaining, manager?

Music: UNKNOWN from M2

:synthy: I know, I know. Just this once, please? You know what happens if I fail to finish the assigned work regime! Besides, you know how Sally went in at 82% one time and came out fine? And I’m only at 81%! Please?


:synthy: Come on, what are friends for? Act so strict and the employees will end up isolating you. It’ll be so lonely.


You know that the word “playmate” has no place in this corp—

:synthy: Whoops! My bad, my bad! Anyway, can I please get to work now, my lord Yesod~? Don’t forget that I cut you some slack yesterday when we were playing word chain.

And make sure to take a psychological examination right afterwards.

:synthy: You bet! Thank you, Yesod! See you in a bit!

Music: Insignia Decay

Through the clothing, I can see my skin covered with festering boils. Of course, my body is perfectly fine when I open my eyes. It has come to a point where I’ve begun to find the sight of my normal skin strange and unnatural.

I’ve asked the other Sephirot about those visions, but it seems I’m the only one who experiences this.

In summary: Yesod apparently has word chain-based trauma, which is brought up by a pair of employees playing around on the job. Somehow, our manager has the ability to view the flashbacks of the Sephirot, so we see him give a little bit of slack to a friend before he takes a few moments to talk about something he should probably see a therapist for. :stare:

So… what happened to James?

Are you that curious?

Well, yeah.

Then I'll tell you tomorrow. If you can handle this: managers ever fail these?

You'd be surprised.

Right… well, see you tomorrow.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Oscar Wilde references, shiny new damage numbers and lots of Attachment work!

:sigh: It's not here...

Oh, Manager? I thought you'd be preparing for tomorrow.

Oh! Malkuth. Hello. Can I help you?

Oh, not at all! Everything is perfectly under control here, and there are no problems as usual! Rather, I wanted to ask how I could help you?

Whyyyy would I need help? I'm fine. Got it all in hand.

Are you certain, Manager? I'd be more than happy to provide an opinion on any possible new hires!

No, that's not necessary. Rather, I'm looking for information on our current employees.

Through their resumes?

Yeah. I can't seem to find any of the ones I'm looking for, though. No worries.

Have you asked Angela?

I don't want to bother her with this. She's got her hands full already.

Oh! Well, good luck finding whichever resume you're looking for!

Thanks, Malkuth. You have a safe day.

Don't worry! It'll be perfect as always!