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Part 180: BCP Cleanup Masterpost

Facility X-394, Manager's Quarters

Hey, me. Did you get the coffee?

And the popcorn. Really don't know why we need a movie night all of a sudden.

Our understanding of the Abnormalities-that which comes from deep within the human subconsciousness-is key to achieving our goal of actualization. If we don't indulge enough, we may not have enough understanding to spread the light across the entire City.

...I don't follow.

:sigh: Watch movies. Learn stuff. Make light. Save world.

That makes a lot more sense. So, what are we watching?

Old training videos!

...oh no. :stonk:

Welcome to the Better Call Paul cleanup masterpost! Below, I'll be listing every Abnormality by their Subject Number, then as they're covered I'll list their name(s) next to them, with a link to the related BCP if they weren't in the main story. This will serve two purposes:

1: It'll be easy to see how much work is left to do before 100%
2: I won't get stuck in the hell that is being at 98% Abnormality Dissolution and having no idea which Abnormality I've forgotten.

Without further ado...


0-00-00: Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit [TETH] (Tutorial)
F-01-02: Scorched Girl [TETH]
O-03-03: One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)
O-01-04: Magical Girl/The Queen of Hatred [WAW] (Covered in story)
T-04-06: A Teddy Bear/Happy Teddy Bear [HE]
O-04-08: Red Shoes [HE]
T-09-09: Theresia [TETH]
O-01-12: Old Lady [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-01-15: Nameless Fetus [HE]
F-01-18: Wall Gazer/The Lady Facing the Wall [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-06-20: Nothing There [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
T-06-27: 1.76 MHz [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-05-30: Singing Machine [HE]
T-01-31: The Silent Orchestra [ALEPH]
F-05-32: Warm-Hearted Woodsman [HE] (Covered in story)
F-01-37: The Snow Queen [HE]
O-02-40: Big Bird [WAW] (Covered in story)
T-05-41: Little Helper/All-Around Helper [HE] (Covered in story)
F-04-42: Snow White's Apple [WAW]
T-02-43: Spider Bud [TETH]
F-02-44: Beauty and the Beast [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-01-45: Plague Doctor [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)
T-03-46: WhiteNight [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
O-05-47: Don't Touch Me [ZAYIN]
F-02-49: Rudolta/Rudolta of the Sleigh [HE] (Covered in story)
T-04-50: Queen Bee [WAW] (Covered in story)
T-05-51: Bloodbath [TETH]
F-05-52: WellCheers/Opened Can of WellCheers [ZAYIN]
T-04-53: Alriune [WAW]
T-01-54: Forsaken Murderer [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-01-55: Child of the Galaxy [HE]
O-02-56: Small Bird/Punishing Bird [TETH] (Covered in story)
F-01-57: Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary [WAW]
F-02-58: Big and Might be Bad Wolf/Big and Will be Bad Wolf [WAW]
O-03-60: Fragment of the Universe [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-05-61: Crumbling Armor [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-02-62: Long Bird/Judgment Bird [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-02-63: Apocalypse Bird [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
O-01-64: Magical Girl/The King of Greed [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-04-66: Giant Mushroom Chunk/The Little Prince [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-01-67: A Wee Witch/Laetitia [HE] (Covered in story)
T-01-68: The Funeral of the Dead Butterflies [HE]
F-01-69: Der Freischütz [HE] (Covered in story)
F-02-70: Dream of a Black Swan [WAW]
T-02-71: The Dreaming Current [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-04-72: The Burrowing Heaven [WAW]
O-01-73: Magical Girl/The Knight of Despair [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-02-74: The Naked Nest [WAW] (Covered in story)
T-01-75: The Mountain of Smiling Bodies [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
O-05-76: Schadenfreude [HE] (Covered in story)
T-09-77: The Heart of Aspiration [TETH] (Covered in story)
T-09-78: Note from a Crazed Researcher [HE] (Covered in story)
T-09-79: Flesh Idol [WAW]
T-09-80: Giant Tree Sap [HE]
O-09-81: Mirror of Adjustment [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)
T-09-82: Shelter from the 27th of March [HE] (Covered in story)
F-04-83: Fairy Festival [ZAYIN]
O-04-84: Meat Lantern [TETH]
T-09-85: We Can Change Anything [ZAYIN]
T-09-86: Express Train to Hell [WAW]
F-01-87: Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom [HE] (Covered in story)
O-03-88: Dimensional Refraction Variant [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-03-89: CENSORED [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
T-09-90: Skin Prophecy [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-09-91: Portrait of Another World [HE] (Covered in story)
O-01-92: Today's Shy Look [TETH] (Covered in story)
O-03-93: Blue Star [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
T-09-94: You Must Be Happy [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)
O-09-95: Luminous Bracelet [TETH]
O-09-96: Behavior Adjustment [TETH] (Covered in story)
T-09-97: Old Faith and Promise [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)
O-02-98: Porccubus [HE]
T-02-99: Void Dream [TETH]
O-04-100: Grave of Cherry Blossoms [TETH]
O-02-101: The Firebird [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-05-102: Yin [WAW] (Covered in story)
O-07-103: Yang [WAW] (Covered in story)
D-09-104: Backward Clock [WAW] (Covered in story)
D-01-105: El Llanto de la Luna [WAW] (Covered in story)
D-01-106: Army in Pink/Army in Black [ZAYIN]
D-02-107: Ppodae [TETH] (Covered in story)
D-04-108: World Tree/Parasite Tree [WAW] (Covered in story)
D-03-109: Melting Love [ALEPH] (Covered in story)
D-01-110: Heroic Monk/Clouded Monk [WAW]
Bald-Is-Awesome!: You're Bald… [ZAYIN] (Covered in story)