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Part 203: BCP 32 - Void Dream

X-394 is a big facility, full of mysterious creatures known as Abnormalities. Many of these Abnormalities can do very bad things if they're handled improperly, and it's vitally important that our agents know just what may happen if they're careless. What's a manager to do?

Episode 32: Void Dream

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Hi! I'm Paul! Just your everyday plucky employee of Lobotomy Cobotomy, here today to talk about Void Dream!

Void Dream is a TETH-level Abnormality which takes the shape of a sleeping sheep.

All it's missing is a fence to jump over!

While it is only a TETH Abnormality, like any Abnormality it can be dangerous if handled improperly. The most important thing to remember is to never send an agent with a Temperance of 1 to work with it.

By gum, my Temperance is 1! Does that mean it's exhibition time?

It sure does, Paul! Void Dream's effect kicks in at the end of a work from any Temperance 1 agent.

Yowie wo… wait. I'm sleeping. Does that qualify for one?

Um… w-well, you are sleeping forever, and can't ever be woken up?

Good enough. Yowie wowie! To die, perchance to sleep!

Outside of this, its only other meaningful ability is its breach. Since its Qliphoth Counter only goes down on Bad work results, this is thankfully rare. However-

We here at Lobotomy Corporation pride ourselves on thoroughness and attention to detail! So let's screw things up, for science!

With a lowest base success rate of 20%, and an observation bonus of 10% on top of that, it can be difficult to have a maxed out agent trigger a breach from it at all.

Luckily we have Nea! Her level 3 Temperance is the perfect blend of incompetent and better than mine!

When Void Dream does breach, it slowly flies through the facility. On its own, it is incapable of dealing any sort of damage.

But it definitely does something, right? What is it?

Periodically, Void Dream will fire out a number of stars from itself. These stars will cause any agents they impact against to fall asleep.

Oh no! That looks just like my nap! Is it an instant-death dealing horrible monster in disguise after all?!

Not quite, Paul. Whenever an employee is put to sleep by one of these stars, it's a simple matter for the Manager to wake them back up by clicking on them several times.

With a big yawn, the employee wakes up and gets back to work.

Aww man, why can't he just do that to me sleeping in the cell?

The sleeping suggestion is much stronger in person, so there's no known way to wake an agent who has fallen prey to it.

Nefarious naptimes! How sad! So, how do we handle Void Dream while it's breaching?

We don't! Void Dream will return to containment on its own after a while, making it annoying but not dangerous. If it's attacked, however, there's a reaction.

Wowsers! It transformed!

That's right, Paul. In this form, Void Dream is capable of actually harming our valuable work staff.

Oh no! What does it do?

What all roosters do, Paul.

Void Dream will crow, dealing White damage to all employees in the room. Additionally, any sleeping employees within that room will wake up.

That's good!

The employees will immediately panic from being woken up in this manner.

That's bad!

Fortunately, as a TETH Abnormality it is not nearly as resilient as other more dangerous Abnormalities.

That's good!

However, since its panic can happen instantly to any agent of any level it is important to ensure no high powered agents are sleeping near it, as this would most likely lead to a situation of rapidly escalating danger.

That's bad!

This concludes our basic overview of Void Dream's handling. Please keep this information in mind for smooth handling of this mostly risk free Abnormality.

And remember: if you handle it wrongly, it can quickly change from a peaceful sheep into a giant c-

Well, that's all the time we have today. Thanks for joining us! And remember…

Knowledge is just pain plus observation! Have a great day!

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Good evening, future Managers. While I sincerely hope it does not show on my face, I'm filled with apprehension. Today, as well, I finished another mission for that Hod. Her fourth mission, as it were. And, like a predetermined path had been cleared, she'd announced a training session for our employees about the Abnormality known as Judgment Bird.

Announcing a training session for an Abnormality which we do not even have in our current facility, and so soon after a mission has been completed? I sense an ill omen upon the winds… or perhaps it's simply pattern recognition. Angela.

All things considered, Void Dream is a very easy-to-handle Abnormality. Its Bad works are difficult to come by, and it doesn't have any sort of unusual breaching condition. Moreover, as a Black damage Abnormality with good Insight, Instinct, and Attachment rates it's quite capable of training any of the three.

Honestly, the only real strike against it is that it's a TETH. As such, neither its gear nor its training ability will ever be anything but lacking… were this exact Abnormality a HE or WAW it would be a must-pick. As it stands, it's merely a very safe option for any Manager who would prefer to avoid a challenging day.

Manager, I have received a report-there's been an incident.

And speaking of challenging days… Very well. What's happened?

Hod appears to have become unstable. I shall bring up the relevant security footage.

Yes, yes-you do as a machine ought to. My apologies to all of you, but for now this old man must cease his ramblings. It seems we're needed on stage.

Next time's featured Abnormality…

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