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Part 207: LC Artbook

LC Artbook

The game's only DLC is an Artbook that fleshes out a lot of information about the company as a whole. Because I want to support the company in question, I won't be putting the entire thing down here, but there are several things inside of it that I really want to put into the thread for various reasons-this post is for that.

Seriously though, if you have 10 bucks to spare you should absolutely consider picking up the artbook-it's really nice, including an overview and art of a number of Abnormalities in addition to a very cool look. Anyways, I'll include the basic Manager's Manual, as well as a couple of other neat bits that caught my eye, below.

Wellcheers :allears:

Punishing Bird sketchwork

Maskless Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary

A better shot of all six brothers in their meltdown state.

There's also a lot of art of Abnormalities that didn't make it into the game! Silent Girl is a favorite. :allears:

Nosferatu, as well.

Confirmation that the Dummy Rabbit is an old employee in a funny bodybag.

Finally, the back cover of the book-which confirms that the manual itself is an Abnormality.

Like I said earlier, I recommend it heartily-there's a lot of cool notes and concept arts and things in there, and I've really only scratched the surface of the content in the 158-page book.